Completed Machine-gun Teams


I found two interesting sets of figures a month or two ago in the local hobby shop.  These are Bolt Action figures.  Though I don’t play Bolt Action, the figures are nonetheless useful.

The first is a three-figure set of a .30 cal machine-gun team on the move.

The second is a .50 cal machine-gun team with the gun in action.

I decided to block paint these and then dip them in the Army Painter dark tone wash.  I don’t think I would like this effect on Napoleonic figures, but on these WWII figure, I like the look — and it was very fast.

from Buck’s Blog
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Author: hawksgameclub

2 thoughts on “Completed Machine-gun Teams

  1. Block painting is just painting in the main colors without washes or dry brushing. You just paint the big blocks of colors. Then the wash (or dip) provides outlining and shading.

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