No Heart Attack in My Immediate Future


Larry Leadhead cartoon that illustrates an axiom in the miniatures gaming community.

     I was mentioning to Chris a week or so ago that my unpainted lead pile was getting dangerously low.  For many years, my policy has been not to buy figures at a convention unless I had finished the figures I had purchased at the previous convention.  With three big conventions a year, this has taken a fair amount of commitment.  I was down to a few battalions of 10mm Old Glory Napoleonic Russians, a few pulp figures (plastic zombies one of the guys in the club no longer desired), some plastic Napoleonic 25mm figures that I got the last time I subscribed to War-games Illustrated before I let my subscription lapse while I was in Iraq, a box of 25mm Napoleonic Minifigs that might never get painted, a handful of assorted Reaper figures from the first Bones Kickstarter, and a few other odds and ends.
     Right before Christmas I received my box full of Baker Company 28mm Winter War figures.  There is a large number of figures, guns, and vehicles to get painted up.  I think they will paint rather quickly because they will be mainly gray with white dry brushing and details painted in.  Until I get them out, file, base, and prime them, it is actually difficult to discern the Russian figures from the Finns in many cases.  The vehicles are terrific!  The figures are hit and miss, but I think they will paint up nicely after some labor with file and X-acto knife.

Image of Baker Company Winter War figures I found at

     Also, my dad got me the Perry Retreat from Moscow figures, so there is a Napoleonic skirmish in your history.  He got me quite a few of the sets, but there are four missing to complete the collection.  I also need to get some pursuing Russians.  I have coveted these figures for quite some time.  There are probably enough figures for a four-player game in the packs I received.  I will likely use either GASLIGHT or Combat Patrol.

Image of some of the Retreat from Moscow figures I got off the Internet. I haven't painted mine yet.

     I didn’t get any Crescent Root buildings, however, so I’ll be ordering the couple I still need in January and February.  I put the few French buildings I am missing on my Christmas list, so I couldn’t order them myself.  In November and December I went after the Middle Eastern buildings.  I will combine them with my MBA Middle Eastern buildings for a big pulp game on New Year’s Eve.

One of the Crescent Root Middle Eastern buildings I recently purchased. They come fully painted like this!

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3 thoughts on “No Heart Attack in My Immediate Future

  1. Yes, with your latest purchase, you should live to 145. 🙂

    I try not to buy more lead until I paint the stuff I got at the previous convention. I usually achieve this goal. I filed and based the Russians for my 28mm Winter War project this weekend. I will try to do the same with the Finns next weekend. After that, it’s mostly dry brushing and painting in some details.


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