Librarian and Barbarian

Norman Dean Finished two more of my stock of Reaper Bones in the last week or so. The first was “77089: Halbarand, Cleric” who initially caught my eye due to the book that he has chained to himself. (Or perhaps that has chained itself to him?) In any case, I ended up using the book as a theme of sorts, styling his cloak after a leather book cover, his surcoat some pages with writing, and his breastplate decorated a bit like an illuminated text. I’m thinking he may see action as a Sigilist in Frostgrave…

The second was “77199: Thund Bloodwrack, Barbarian”. I’m not sure why I originally picked this one out–possibly with the notion of using him in the D&D campaign I’m playing in at the moment. He’s a rather odd-looking fellow with a tiny head and a huge sword–not exactly my usual style. (And his wide-legged stance required an oversized base.) I decided to go with a similarly over-the-top paint scheme…

Yes, I painted him red. It seemed like a reasonable idea at the time. And rather than making his fur cloak the usual wolf/bearskin, I decided to try for something a little more… exotic. The shading and stripes on the tiger skin were probably the most interesting part of this guy. I’m actually pretty pleased with how he came out–painted, he seems a little more a character and less a caricature.

Next in the queue will either be some short unsavory fellows, or possibly a return to Elabrün…

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  1. Those really turned out nice, Norman. I like the way you carried the book motif through his entire outfit, and that tiger skin is amazing!

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