Dwarven Forge’s City Builder Terrain System Kickstarter Arrived!

Chris Palmer    Just a quick blog update to let folks know that I was surprised to find my fulfillment package from Dwarven Forge’s City Builder Terrain System Kickstarter waiting for me on the doorstep this afternoon.    It was last March when I bought into this Kickstarter.  I didn’t receive any shipping notice, so it came as quite a pleasant surprise.

    It’s going to take a while to unpack all the little pieces, with each one being individually bagged.  But, I unpacked enough to play around with some simple builds.

Here’s a simple tutor structure, with a free DF figure and giant rat that came with my package.

One of the cool features, is the metal sheets in the roof pieces that allow magnetic accessories to be applied, like this fire.  There are also fire inserts that go in the window.

After the fire…  Here are some of the ruined pieces. I’ve noticed some pieces, like this ruined roof, are warped.  I’m going to need to see how to un-warp these.  Perhaps the same treatment as Reaper’s Bones figures.

More to follow in the coming days, as I have a chance to play around with everything.

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