Frostgrave Campaign Kick-off Game

Chris Palmer      We kicked off our Frostgrave Campaign this past Saturday with our first game.  We had five of our 7 players take part, and a good time was had by all.   I choose an Illusionist as my wizard type.

An overview of the table at the start.

    My illusionist, Kodak, and his apprentice, Cherowyn, entered the city via the harbor with high hopes of the treasure that might be found in the rotting hulks in the harbor.   Unfortunately, the magical duo were operating under a poor alignment of the heavens this expedition, as only one of the almost dozen spells they attempted to cast actually succeeded.  Likewise, many of their brave band fell during the battle, and they were only able to recover two of the treasures.

My wizard (in grey cloak) and some of his warband, prepare to scale the side of an old ship. 

   When they regrouped after the foray, they discovered the thug, “Happy”, was dead, and the templar, Sister Elessa, lay badly wounded from a bone dart, which left a festering wound that will take a long time to heal.   Cherowyn, the apprentice, though presumed dead after being attacked by a prowling pack of wild dogs and a wolf, managed somehow to survive with barely a scratch.  Her powers of illusion must be strong indeed, but she now has an understandable aversion to dogs of all kinds…  Likewise an archer, and two of the thieves were incapacitated during the game, but recovered themselves after the fight.

A fierce battle developed around the fountain between Greg’s  Chronomancer’s warband, and Buck’s Sigilist.  The Sigilist had a bizarre entourage comprised mostly of duck warriors!  We all wondered what strange magic had turned these ducks into fighting men, or was it the other way around!

  Our treasure was worth a tidy 280 GC, which Kodak used to hire a new Ranger, and a replacement for the dead thug. The rest went into the groups treasury.  Also recovered was a fine Staff of Power(2), of which Kodak took possession.  
   In the meantime the band has found an old inn on the outskirts of town, and has fixed it up to be a new center of operations.

The Chronomancer (Yes, it’s the 11th Doctor!) battles a Dwarven treasure hunter.

      We are now looking forward to our next foray into the frozen city next month.

The pack of dogs, and wolf, which took out my Apprentice, tears into one of my archers

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  1. Good eye, Ma’k. Yes, my ranger, archer, infantryman, and thugs were all anthropomorphic ducks. They were supported by a dwarf crossbowman and two Hobbit thieves. For this foray, my sigilist was represented by a Copplestone not-Dumbledore figure and a not-Harry figure. I ran by the hobby shop to get a proper sigilist figure, but they had none in stock. I will try again next weekend.

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