Bones I “Ghoul Queen” Quick and Simple Conversion

Chris Palmer

    I wanted to add a couple properly snow based necromancers to my Frostgrave collection, so I looked through the Bones I Necromancers set and selected two, one of which was the Ghoul Queen.  I figure she will make a good apprentice for my Necromancer warband.  As I studied the figure, I was bothered by the fact that she seemed to be wearing two scabbards, one with a sword and the other empty.  I thought the empty scabbard looked kind of useless and redundant, so decided I would reduce her scabbard count down to one, and make it one that had a sword in it.

      Now, the easy thing to do would have been to remove the top sword, which is a glued on addition anyway, cut the hilt off and then glued the hilt to the empty scabbard.  But the scabbard on her back is the cooler one with the bone additions, so some more intensive surgery would be necessary.

      First thing I did was use my hobby knife to pry the bone-scabbard sword off her back

      Next, I very carefully cut the empty scabbard below the lower attachment ring, and then sliced it off the back of her dress.  I then took the bone-scabbard sword, and cut it into four pieces, hilt, center section, lower section, and the little pin knob that fit into the hole in her back.

   After the surgery, it was a simple matter to glue the lower half of the bone-scabbard in place, then attach the hilt, and secure the cords hanging from it to the empty scabbard piece that remained below her right hand. I then glued the pin knob into the hole in her back and when it was dry, I sliced it down to be even with her back.

      I’m really pleased with how this conversion turned out.  In my opinion, it makes the figure look much more streamlined and less busy.    

     I won’t be able to paint this figure for a couple weeks, I have orcs queued up in front of it; but I certainly am looking forward to it.

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