Winter of Discontent Supplement for Combat Patrol(TM)


Discontent breaks out in a village street

Discontent breaks out in a village street

I recently posted a (free) supplement to Combat Patrol™: World War II to play games set in the emerging genre of political unrest and revolution in the UK in the Winter of ’79.  The supplement does not attempt to expand the back story but merely provides the stats and options rules for Combat Patrol to give it that Winter of Discontent flavor.  The supplement is available for a free download on the rules’ Web page.

I am getting a lot of feedback from players of Combat Patrol™ for supplements and optional rules for different eras and theaters.  For instance, I recently also posted a supplement for the 1939 Winter War.  As time permits, I will post more of these supplements.  Writing the supplement is relatively straight forward, but it can take weeks or months to do enough research to be able to know what optional rules are needed to provide the right feel for the era, campaign, or theater.

The one I am currently working on is for the south Pacific in WWII.  I am struggling with the best way to deal with Japanese morale and trying to balance the common gamer and Hollywood mythology with historical fact.  I have gotten a number of requests for modern Iraq and Afghanistan as well.

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