Frostgrave Campaign – Game 2

Chris Palmer    Today we held the second game in our Frostgrave Campaign.  For an account of the first game see: Frostgrave Game 1.  We had four of our seven players in attendance.

An overview of the table.  I entered on the near corner, in the lower left.

      Once again, my Illusionist, Kodak, and his trusty apprentice, Cherowyn, found themselves. entering the city near the harbor.  A Chronomancer, known as The Doctor, also chose to search the harbor and Kodak’s warband spent most of the game skirmishing with them.  The Doctor brought along three Crossbowmen and a Marksman, which played havoc with my Illusionist’s warband, not to mention the Illusionist himself.

Kodak, and the archer, Edel, take cover behind the corner of a building as The Doctor’s team moves forward.  To the left Jack can be seen crossing an alley just moments before River Song shot her.

      Once again it was not a good day for Kodak’s party as they quickly found themselves pinned down by the massive firepower being brought against them from The Doctor’s team.  It only got worse when some men from a nearby Druid’s (Witch) warband started firing on them as well.  The final straw was when wandering creature rolls put a Minor Demon, and an Ice Spider directly in our rear.

Cherowyn, badly wounded, takes a moment to cast Heal on herself, before the Minor Demon attacks.  In the left foreground, the archer, Weiss,  her bow decayed beyond use by The Doctor’s sonic screwdriver,  debates whether to run forward and help, or stand by ready to intercept any other threats that might approach.

    In the end it was only the quick action of Cherowyn, who was able to fend off both wandering creatures long enough to cast a successful Mind Control spell on  the Doctor’s Infantryman who was carrying a treasure, that netted us our only treasure of the game.
     Several members of the party were incapacitated during he game, the worst being our new Treasure Hunter, Jaquailwyn (Jack), who had just joined our warband after the last game.  She was shot by The Doctor’s apprentice, River Song, who used her laser pistol (Elemental Bolt spell) killing the unfortunate Treasure Hunter dead.   The other bad casualty was Kodak himself, taken out by one of The Doctor’s crossbowmen.  Though Kodak  recovered himself without any permanent injury, it was such a Close Call that he apparently became disoriented and left his new Staff of Power behind in the ruins.   Luckily he had had the chance to use the staff once to boost a near successful Mind Control spell of his own.

Edel, his bow also Decayed by The Doctor attempted to recover a treasure on the top floor of this building only to be shot by The Doctor’s crossbow men in the distant sunken ship.  Desperate for at least one treasure,  (I didn’t have any at this point) Kodak climbs up himself to try and get it , only to be shot in turn himself.  So badly shaken up, he drops his Staff of Power somewhere there in the ruins.

      Though the team was only able to recover one treasure, they were a bit more successful in the Spell casting department than the last game, where they had only managed one successful spell.  This time we managed 5 successful spells: 3 Mind Control (two of which were negated by the target’s Will roll), and 2 Heals (one each on Kodak and Cherowyn)

Cherowyn saves the day.  Despite battling two wandering creatures, she takes a lucky opportunity of them both being pushed back to cast a “Hail Mary” Mind Control spell on The Doctor’s distant Infantryman and rolls an 18! The Infantryman is unable to roll his Will, and carries the treasure towards our side.   It would be our only treasure.
     Back at their Inn, the team discovered their treasure contained 40 GC and a Staff of Casting: “Bind Demon”, which Kodak sold for 300 GC.  The Illusionist immediately put out a call for a new Treasure Hunter to replace the deceased Jack, and a Marksman to help bolster his own warband’s firepower.  Sadly, the Thug, Bash was released from service to make room for the new Marksman.   
    Happily, Sister Elessa is almost totally healed from the venomous Bone Dart she received last outing, so will be rejoining the band for the next trip.  Her sword was surely missed this time. 
    I’m already looking forward to the next adventure.

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