Another Pair of Quick & Easy Frostgrave Treasure Tokens

Chris Palmer     I whipped up another pair of Frostgrave treasure tokens this weekend after one of my blog readers, Brian, suggested using small scale 6mm figures as tiny golden statues in the comments of my previous treasure token post.  While I didn’t have any 6mm figures I have a lot of left over 10mm figures sitting around to use for this.
   Also, my friend Don Hogge mentioned at our last Frostgrave game the he had found in the Dollar Tree store some small round fingernail glitter that looked exactly like gold and silver coins; so I had gone to my local store and picked up some of this glitter and was looking for an opportunity to use it.

      I had also picked up a small plastic dog figure that I had, at the time, thought of using as a war dog, but I ended up feeling that it was just a bit too cartoonish.  However, since it had a handle on its back, I thought it might make a nice golden vessel of some sort,
   I used some of the tiny gems I had written about earlier on my Bones painting blog, and glued some of those along with the gold coin glitter, to the base of the golden dog vessel.  I glued the two 10mm figures on a long pedestal made of cork, and painted it to look like stone.

    I’m very pleased with how these turned out.  They will be fun to use in our next game of Frostgrave.

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