The HAWKS Room at Cold Wars on Saturday

Chris Palmer    Here are a few shots I took of some of the various games the HAWKS ran on Saturday at Cold Wars in Lancaster, PA.

Buck Surdu’s “A Frozen Hell” WWII Finns vs Soviets game using Combat Patrol Rules.

Sam Fuson’s “Revenge of Sherlock Holmes” game using GASLIGHT rules.

Eric Schlegel’s “Al Capone Comes to Schlegel’s Ferry” game using Blood & Swash rules.

Bill Acheson’s “Panic in Pan Chaka” Tekumel game using GASLIGHT rules

Kevin Fischer’s “Advance From Odessa” Gundam game using Mobile Suit Gundam: The Gravity Front rules

Rob Dean’s “The Ringbearer” fantasy game using the 1975 “Ringbearer” rules.

Dave’s Wood’s “A Fantasy Battle During the Year of The Four Emperors” game using Bear Yourselves Valiantly rules.

Geoff Graff’s “Plastic Pirates Party!” kids’ game using Little Lego rules.

My “Happy Birthday, General Grant!” game using GASLIGHT rules. You can see the full report and more photos at my previous blog entry.

Dave Wood’s “Battle of Ebersburg, 1809” Napoleonic game using Fate of Battle rules.

Buck Surdu’s “To Lose a Battle” WWII France ‘40 game using Combat Patrol rules.

Don Hogge’s “Bloody Maltot” WWII game using Battleground rules

Greg Priebe’s “The Apocalypse Comes to Schlegel’s Ferry” game using Blood & Swash rules.

Don Smith’s “Breaking the British Blockade” Napoleonic naval game using Modified Trafalgar/Sails of Glory rules.

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