Yukon Cornelius: Frostgrave Treasure Hunter

Chris Palmer   Late last year, I decided I wanted to do a Santa themed Frostgrave warband after completing a vary Santa-like wizard figure, which you can see on my other blog: Santa Wizard Conversion.  While I have slowly been collecting the figures I wanted to use as the soldiers for this warband for a while now, I finally started painting them this past week.
   The first I painted up is Yukon Cornelius, Treasure Hunter.  Yukon Cornelius is a character from the classic animatronic children’s Christmas TV special, Rudoph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  Since the character is a  prospector obsessed with finding silver and gold, I thought he would be an ideal candidate for a Treasure Hunter type soldier.

     I was able to make the character by using pieces from the Frostgrave Soldiers boxed set of multi-part plastic figures.  There was a wool-capped head perfect for Yukon Cornelius, but unfortunately that head didn’t have a beard.  So I ended up having to do head surgery; cutting the top off of the wool hat head, and gluing it onto a bearded head that I sliced the top off of.   My next challenge was where to find a pickaxe.  Then I remembered that I had a couple spare miner dwarves from the old GW “Skull Pass” boxed set, and they wielded pickaxes as weapons.  So I removed the pickaxe from one of them, and re-glued it onto a Frostgrave solder’s hand that had it’s weapon removed.

     After assembling the figure, I glued it to a 1" fender washer. and then spray primed it.  Since he wears a simple color scheme, he was quick to paint up.   After I painted him, I added a few stone blocks made from sprue and painted those as well, and then flocked the base with Woodland Scenics snow flock.

     I’m really happy with how he turned out.  While not an exact copy, I really think he captures the spirit of the character.

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