Giant Ruined Statue for Frostgrave

Chris Palmer    A while ago, a friend was trying to get rid of several old large figure kits made by Grenadier, called “Colossal Lords”.  I took a couple to mess around with, and recently I was inspired to turn one of them into a giant ruined statue for Frostgrave.    The figure I selected for this project was the “Paladin” .

     I wanted to give him a half buried look, so I decided not to use the legs; which were conveniently supplied as two separate pieces.  I glued his upper torso to a plastic base using 5-minute epoxy, and glued the base to an old CD that I had cut down.  After the glue on the torso was dry, I fitted the arms, cutting down the fingers of the left, and the sword of the right, so they would sit level with the surface of the CD.  I then glued them into place using the 5-minute epoxy.    When that glue was dry, I used some Milliput two-part epoxy putty to build up the small gaps where the tops of his legs would have been, and to create a slope around the black base I had used.

   Next, I sprayed the whole thing with white primer.

    When the primer was dry, I painted the statue with a nice verdigris green, and then drybrushed it with bronze.  Next, I gave the entire a thing a wash with a mix of black and brown washes.

      Lastly,  I applied snow to the base, and gave it a coat of spray varnish.  And, to finish it off, I glued a Water Effects icicle dripping from his helmet.

I’m really pleased with how the statue came out.  I think it will look really cool on the table.

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