Orc Snipers (Archers): Figures 212-215 of 266

Chris Palmer

  This weekend I finished up the four Orc Sniper figures from the Orcpoclypse add-on set.   Ive got two more sets of four to go to complete this set.
     I prepped these figures in the usual way,  washing them in some dish soap, lightly scrubbing them with a soft toothbrush,  and then letting them dry. I then did some conversions to them using Gorilla superglue gel. Looking at the row below; The first orc has his arm sliced at the shoulder and wrist, and repositioned back around to look like he is reaching for an arrow out of his quiver.  The second has had his arm sliced at the shoulder and repositioned down to look like he is reaching for his short sword.  The third and fourth orcs are unchanged.
       After the conversions were done, I glued the four onto black primed 1.25 inch fender washers using Aleene’s Tacky glue.  I then glued them onto a tongue depressor, for ease of painting, using a couple drops of Elmer’s white glue each.

     I began by painting them entirely Black; and then when the Black was dry, I drybrushed the chainmail areas with Folk Art Metallics “Gunmetal Grey”.  I then went back and used the Black to repaint the fur areas where the “Gunmetal Grey” paint had gotten on them.

I then drybrushed the fur garments and the fur boot tops: for the first archer’s fur tunic and the third archer’s boot tops I used Americana “Zinc”, for the second archer’s fur tunic and the fourth archer’s boot tops I used Crafter’s Acrylic “Storm Cloud Grey”, for the third archer’s fur tunic and the first archer’s boot tops I used Americana “Mississippi Mud”, and for the fourth archer’s fur tunic and the second archer’s boot tops I used Folk Art “Dark Brown”.  Next, I painted their under-tunics: for the first archer I used Ceramcoat “Black Cherry”, for the second I used Crafter’s Acrylic “African Violet”, for the third one I used Americana “Bittersweet Chloclate”, and for the fourth I used Crafter’s Acrylic “Navy Blue”.

     I then did their skin with Aleene’s “Deep Khaki”.  Next, I did the belts and pouch on the first two, and the quiver and scabbard on the second two with Nicole’s “Brown”.  I then reversed this, doing the belts and pouch on the second two, and the quiver and scabbard on the first two with Crafter’s Edition “Spice Brown”.  I painted the padding on their wrist guards with Americana “Khaki Tan”, and the straps, as well as the sword grips, with Americana “Asphaltum”.  I then painted their bows with Crafter’s Acrylic “Cinnamon Brown”.

      Next, I painted the fletchings on their arrows with Americana “Neutral Grey”, and all the stitching on their belts, scabbards, quivers, and pouches with the “Khaki Tan”.  I painted their teeth with GW “Bubonic Brown”.  I then used the metallic “Gunmetal Grey” to paint all the metal fittings on their bows and short swords.   Then, after the paint had a while to dry, I gave the figures all a complete wash with GW “Agrax Earthshade” wash using a wet brush.

     When the wash was dry, I painted their eyes, and then highlighted their teeth with Americana “Buttermilk”. Next, I highlighted all their skin with a mix of the original “Deep Khaki” mixed with a little Aleene’s “Dusty Khaki” . I also highlighted each of their tunics with the original colors I had used.  I highlighted their belts with Americana “Sable Brown”, and hit the stitching again with the “Khaki Tan”.  I then repainted their boots Black, and then added highlights with the “Neutral Grey”.   Lastly, I painted their sculpted bases with Ceramcoat “Walnut”.
     After everything had dried overnight, I gave the figures a coat of Ceramcoat “Matte Varnish” and, when dry, flocked their bases.  Another overnight dry, and I sprayed them with Testor’s Dullcote".

     Though there’s nothing extraordinary about them, I’m generally pleased with how they came out.  I’m looking forward to seeing how the whole group of orcs looks set out toghether, including the ones from the original 30 New Bones set, when I finally get this set complete.

Figures 212-215: Complete

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