“All Bones About It” Blog Hits 100K Views!

Chris Palmer

  I’m happy to announce that today this blog hit its 100,000 view!  I was lucky enough to check in this morning at 99,999 and was able to refresh once to see it roll over to the big 100K.

   This June will mark the 3-year anniversary of this blog; started after receiving my Bones I Kickstarter from Reaper Miniatures.   I had hoped this blog would help keep me on task in my goal of painting all 266 figures I had received; because I knew if I didn’t set a goal, that most of the figures would probably still be languishing in the box they shipped in.   I’m proud of the fact that I have been able to stick with it these three years, and am happy so many folks have supported me along the way.

  Next Monday, I will be posting my 216th figure, which will put me just 50 figures away from reaching my goal.  Thank you all so much for supporting my efforts along the way, and be sure to stick around for the last stretch; it’s all downhill from here!

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