Frostgrave Demo Game

Chris Palmer    Saturday I helped my friend Don run a Frostgrave demo game at the local game store.  We got two walk-up players, and one of our regular Campaign Game players, Buck, came to play as a make -up game since he will miss our next campaign session.

 Since we had three players, I jumped in as a fourth to balance the table.  I took a Thaumturge warband to try something different.  As usual my spell casting rolls were miserable.  I did have fun however casting Shield (+2 armor) which turned my dwarf templar into a little tank. :), and then also used “Blinding Light” a lot (reduces target’s fight to 0, and move to 1).

My warband, in the foreground, heads out to snag some treasure.

    I experimented with a tactic of using Blinding Light on my neighbor’s soldiers who were heading to the table edge with treasure, and then sent my templar after them.  It would have worked, but the wizard, a necromancer, kept raising zombies in my path to slow me down!

My templar hacks through another of the necromancer’s zombies!

   All in all, a great time was had by all.  I only got 2 treasures, but had a lot of fun. And at least one of the new guys bought a copy of the rules.

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