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Chris Palmer     This past weekend, a group of five of the HAWKs: Buck Surdu, Geoff Graff,  Greg Priebe, Don Hogge, and I, headed down to Nashcon in Franklin, TN.  We rented a mini van to carry us, our figures, and the terrain we would need for 6 games.  It was a bit of a challenge squeezing everything into the vehicle, but we managed it somehow.  Part of the plan was that we would re-use the same two sets of terrain for the 5 different games.  Thursday afternoon we headed out and arrived at the con Friday morning.

Figuring out how to fit it all in, so no one had to ride on the roof rack!


Our first game, Friday afternoon, was Don Hogge’s (In the blue shirt) “Island Raid Pt 1”  game, using Battleground rules. This game featured American Marines and Paratroopers trying to seize a Japanese radio installation.


A close up of the game as the Americans approach a Japanese emplacement.


Here’s a long view of Don’s table, and a general look at the main gaming hall. In the end, the American’s won, having destroyed the Japanese radio hut with a white phosphorous round.


After Don’s game, Buck Surdu (in blue shirt) ran “Island Raid Pt 2” on the same table using the same terrain.  This time it was a Japanese counterattack into the compound that the American’s had just captured, using Combat Patrol rules.   The American troops were left in the general positions they had ended the game in the first session.


A close up of the table at the start of Buck’s game.   You can see the radio hut and bunker are still burning from the first game.


Saturday morning. Buck, Greg Priebe, and I ran a large “Battle for Paris, 1814” game using Fate of Battle rules.  In theis game, and allied coalition of Russians and Prussians are attempting to seize the Montmartre Heights outside the city of Paris to force a French surrender.


A close up of Russian troops charging the French hasty fortifications.  Their initial success put the whole French line in jeopardy, but stiff French resistance eventually drove them back.


Buck (in blue shirt) helps players with a melee as the Russians desperately try to maintain their foothold on the heights. In the foreground, the Prussian troops can be seen putting pressure on the French right flank.


Saturday afternoon, Buck, Greg, and I ran “The Battle for the Elven Capital”, using the same terrain and basic troops deployments as the “Battle of Paris” game.  This time though, Elves replaced the French, and an alliance of Insectmen, Dwarves, and Beastmen were the attackers.  We used Bear Yourselves Valiantly rules


A look at the Allied left, as Beastmen prepare to storm the Elven right flank.  A force of Elf Knights desperately tries to hold the bridge over a canal.


In the end, the Insectmen, and Dwarves drove a deep wedge in the Elven lines, and had reached the second level of the heights.  With very little left to stop them, the game was called as an Allied victory.


Saturday night we re-set the “Island Raid” terrain from Friday for Greg’s “The Lost Soldier” game using Dr Who Miniatures Rules.   In this running, it was 15 years after the battle featured in the earlier games, and now a developer is set on turning the island into a luxury resort.  But all is not as it seems, and the Doctor and his companions have arrived to investigate.


The game was a lot of fun, and I was lucky enough to get to play.  There were Daleks, Autons, lost Japansese soldiers and all kinds of baddies lurking on the island.  Also Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and Dorothy Lamore happened by, as well as some lost boy scouts, and perennial HAWK Pulp hero, Duke Morrison.

The HAWKs had a great time as always at Nashcon.  It is a really well run show with a lot of great folks attending.  We look forward to our next trip back to Tennessee!

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