My Trip to NJCon 2016

Don Hogge
This past Saturday morning, June 11th, a couple of HAWKs and I headed north to New Jersey Con.  After an unexpected tour of Trenton, we arrived at the convention site around 10 am – missing out on the morning session of games.  But it gave me time to check out the Bring and Buy as well as the dealers.

The Bring and Buy room – small but packed with stuff for sale
One half of the dealer area – Age of Glory is way back in the corner

Dennis from OMM was playing in the ADLG ancients tournament, so they allowed him to play his games in front of his vendor area while the other games were back in the tournament area.  There were 14 ADLG players.

The other half of the vender area
A hot of the main gaming area
Another shot from the same spot looking to the left
Geoff preparing for his Lego Pirate game
A WWI trench battle – Duncan contemplating his next move
A view of the FoW and ADLG tournament space

There were 6 tables for the FoW tournament with 12 players (I think).  There was also a small Bolt Action tournament set-up in one of the small side areas that looked like it had 6 players.

There was a great 28mm Chain of Command Pegasus Bridge game set up.  It seems it was only played one time on Friday night so I missed out on that.  But the game remained set up all day on Saturday.  Wished they would have ran it a second time.  The table terrain and figures looked great, especially the 4Ground bridge.

View of the entire Pegasus table
Some of my favorite building by Crescent Root adorned the table
Another eye candy picture
A scratch built glider
A view through the bridge
Geoff’s Lego Pirate game
Regimental Fire and Fury
A Disposable Heroes Game
Battle of Albuera
Duncan checking out Howard Whitehouse’s Flint and Feathers game
A large Fields of Glory game
Great looking fort – too bad it was just scenery – it played no part in the game
Bruce and Dave getting ready to discover that Fields of Glory bogs down once battle lines collide

Unfortunately, the game I wanted to get in at 2 pm was full – so I didn’t get a chance to play anything.  I did have a chance to play in a WWI naval game but preferred to just bang my head against a wall instead of playing – it was more enjoyable. 

But I was able to chat with several friends – John from West Point, Mike from Boston, Jim from NYC, Joe from Delaware, Steve from Age of Glory, talked about ADLG with Don M., …..I also made a few purchases.   Overall, I had a good time.

The NJCon staff thanked the HAWKS for attending and running games. Hopefully they will be coming back to Barrage again.

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