The Final Act


This picture is really hard to see.  I drew it 30+ years ago in pencil on a piece of loose leaf paper.  This cartoon depicted a party of adventurers bursting into a room during a Tunnels and Trolls game.  I don’t remember why the one character had his face explode as the party entered, but I remember we laughed about it for days.  My buddy Ma’k Morin found this recently and sent it to me.

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  1. For posterity, I must add what details I can – it was 1984 and we had a ritual of playing Tunnels and Trolls on Sunday night in the barracks. The players were Buck, Dave Wood, Ken Thrasher, and I believe Doug Morris, who each had 2-3 characters – as long as they survived. I was the GM. The campaign was fun (my first as a GM) – but graduation was beckoning and all good things must end. The scenario surrounded an Evil Balrog Wizard who had dimensionally warped into 1960’s America, discovered LSD, and warped back into his world, bringing icons of the 1960’s (from 1969 GTO Judges to capturing Bozo the Clown) with him to his castle. The Balrog’s name – Purple Haze – yup that was it. This scene was the final scene -involving: Front row: Juda Ben Hur (a Dwarf with 2 hammers), Stump of Toe (with the Viking Helmet); Panzer Anvil (with the Beret), Pog the Merciless (the Fairy with the pistol/hand cannon); Second Row: Alfred the Unready (with the mask), Platapus the Pious (cleric); the late Zil McGill (blown up sir); Back row: Joacim (in plate armor); and Dardur (with the lance). Our heroes finally found Purple Haze’s lair, threw open the door with a spell, and ambushed him with every black powder missile and attack spell they had before he could act. However, Purple Haze did manage to throw one mighty Take That You Fiend at the group – and that was the end of Zil McGill (who I think was Dave’s character). Hence the blown up face!!! Thanks for sharing Buck and hope all of you are having fin at Historicon!!

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