You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby: My First Painting Efforts to Now

Chris Palmer

  Over on the Reaper Forums, a member started a thread asking folks to post photos of their first figure they ever painted, and their most recent that they’re proud of.  I thought that might be a good incentive for me to look back on how far I’ve come over the years.
    I began painting in the late 70’s with 15mm Heritage ACW figures.  Sadly, I sold off that collection in the mid 80’s, so I have no examples of my first figures.  However, shortly after starting with the Heritage 15mm figures, I started purchasing some of their 25mm Fantasy stuff, which corresponded with me getting into a D&D group in High School.   I do have a few of these still in my collections.  While the thief is a pretty straight forward  paint job, the knight must have been one of my first uses of a black wash.

Heritage Thief

Heritage Thief

     While, my painting had greatly improved over the intervening decades, I also thought it would be fun to look how far I’ve come in the three years since I started this blog.  Here are two from the first full month of painting the Bones 1 Kickstarter.

And here we are today.  There’s not a lot of noticeable difference over the past three years.  A bit more attention to highlighting I think. And for humans, I think my faces have improved.

   I’ve been painting now for over 40 years, and still find there’s room to grow and improve.  But that’s part of the fun!

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2 thoughts on “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby: My First Painting Efforts to Now

  1. My first efforts are in Buck’s and Dave’s collections. I am sure that they would be fantasy units and probably in Dave’s as he was my roommate and got me into this. It was either a unit called “The New Wave Gnolls” painted as described (this would have been 1982 or 1983 so imagine colored Mohawks) or “Paddy’s New Wave Bar and Grill Conscript Militia”. The latter was a group of loose humans that I punked up. I did see in one of Buck’s posts that he has “The All-American Orcs” still in his collection that I painted for him. These were Orcs that I gave a Captain America themed paint job! I am sure that my efforts today continue to improve and that these old works would be still nostalgic. But these got me into painting and into casting ( as back then it was the cheapest way to build an Army). I only wish I had not lapsed for …ahem…30 years. I guess if my wife had not moved my collections in late 2014 it would not have spurred me to restart. Now I have a boatload to work on. Thanks for sharing Chris!

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