Or is that Roo-men?  Sometime in ancient history, Ral Partha made a single pack of figures, called Rooman War Party, which had Roomans in two poses, but all armed with pikes or spears.  They are no longer available.  Over the years, I collected dozens of the originals, but they have become quite rare, even on Ebay.  Recently, my buddy Ma’k contacted Iron Wind Metals about these figures, but the molds are lost to time.  So, Ma’k made a mold of the Roomans, and I added crossbows and swords.

I had a little time this weekend to paint up these figures.  These re-casts have slightly less relief than the originals, so my dry brushing didn’t turn out all that well, but I am happy with the results.  No my phalanx of Rooman pikemen will have support from some crossbows.

I also had a chance to add some science fiction weapons to a few of them.  The weapons are from War-games Supply Dump in their Dirk Garrison range.  These were not the kinds of conversions that win figure contests, but they will work well in my science fiction games.

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4 thoughts on “Roomans

  1. These look absolutely fantastic Buck! It’s very rewarding for me to see these brought back to life and that my casting efforts were ably capped off with some cool painting. I like all of them! The crossbows came out well, but the sci-if mods are great and should be a lot of fun! I noticed that you went with your original greenish hue for their skin/fur. Mine (pike man) are on the table but I am going to add some sculpting around their hands for the pikes not to break – what did you use to affix weapons here? Thanks for this post – woohoo!

  2. I just used crazy glue to glue the crossbows into their hands. Nothing special.

    Yes, I have tropical Roomans — all lizard green. Are you going to paint yours in the Dexy’s New Wave Bar and Grill psychedelic paint scheme?

    By the way, I filed and based your space Roomans this weekend. I hope to paint them next weekend. I will be priming them — and some other figures — tonight.

  3. Thanks, I am going to try to use some 2-part sculpting clay that I discovered at the wrong hobby store in Bel Air last year ! It works well on bases is easier than green stuff. I can fix some ears and hands holding pikes. I got some cool sculpting tools to try out. I’ll be going brown on my Roomans a la kangaroos.

    Very cool and glad to hear on your Space Roomans are in progress!

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