Battleground at Cold wars

Don Hogge
Another post that languished in my drafts folder…..

At Cold Wars I hosted two Battleground WWII games.  The first was the Fight for St Manvieu.

The village of St Manvieu
The British attack (with my scratch built Crocodile trailer)
The Churchills move forward
More Churchills
And more…..
British attack the farm house complex
The Crocodile flamed the farm house and the infantry moved forward
The attack on the British left flank

The second game was titled: Bloody Maltot

Bloody Maltot
The village of Maltot, the British objective
Another view…
The British view of their objective
Another British view of their objective
The British attack commences
Supported by some unusually accurate artillery smoke
The British roll over the German outpost
I didn’t get any other pictures as I was too busy performing game master duties.  Both games went well and were great fun.

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