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Over the weekend, we had another Frostgrave session at the local game shop – Critical Hit Games, Abingdon, MD.  Our play date this month ended up on a Saturday which caused some of our wizards to miss the outing.  We ended up with three wizards – a Necromancer, an Enchanter, and yours truly – a Summoner.  So we set-up a 4×4 table with the game store’s terrain and decided to play the scenario Well of Dreams and Sorrows with the well in the dead center of the table.  We rolled off for choosing starting positions and got ready to play.  Hope you enjoy the story…..

Zauber’s Warband ready for action

Zauber pulled his robes a little tighter around himself as he gazed into the blustery snow falling around him.  He was still upset with himself and his apprentice for failing to brew any potions before heading out.  He noticed the wind was picking up a bit, causing the snow flakes to swirl around in mesmerizing patterns.  The wind and reduced visibility would prove to make things difficult for his ranger’s bow shots as well as his magic based shooting spells.  Hopefully the other wizards would fare worst from the weather effects (light blizzard – max LOS reduced to 24", all shooting attacks receive a -3 modifier).

Necromancer’s Warband
Enchanter’s Warband

 Rumors had been circulating of a mystical well that granted those brave enough to take a draught from its depths some kind of magical insight or knowledge.  This in itself had been enough to draw him to the ruins today, in spite of the weather conditions.

View of the table with the well in the middle

As Zauber moved his warband forward into the frosty ruins, he cast Leap on his Templar to move him closer to a treasure.  His apprentice Gretz cast Leap on a treasure hunter to provide him with back-up support.  It would prove to be a futile effort as the Enchanter’s warband beat him to the prize.  Using Telekinesis, the Enchanter’s apprentice moved the bag of treasure into the arms of one of his thugs.  Other members of Zauber’s warband moved forward, their heads low to wards off the effects of the driving snow.

In an attempt to delay the Enchanter’s minions, both Zauber and Gretz made dismal miscasts, causing damage to themselves.  One of Zauber’s thieves managed to grab a nearby treasure chest and a thug killed the Enchanter’s mutt.  And another thief started climbing up the ruins of an old collapsed tower.

Off in the hazy distance, Zauber could see the Necromancer slowly making his was through the snow fall.  He was surrounded by his undead creatures.  As he watched, Zauber saw the Necromancer stop and lean over.  He must have found the magic well.  Zauber tried to cast Bone Dart at the Necro… and again miscast… and again damaged himself.

Gretz flung an Imp towards the Necromancer’s group in an attempt to hinder their movement.  The Imp didn’t prove to be much of a deterrent as it almost immediately died at the hands of the Necromancer’s warband.

Zauber’s other thief finally made it to the top of the ruined tower but found himself exposed to lots of bow fire.  Fortunately, the snow and wind combined to thwart the Necromancer’s bowmen.

The red-shirt thieves move forward

Two of Zauber’s thugs saw the Enchanter creeping along behind a wall.  So they charged into combat with him hoping to finish him off.  One thug was killed by the Enchanter’s treasure hunter who came to the wizard’s rescue.  A Woman at Arms joined the combat as well – things were not looking well.
Zauber successfully Leaped the remaining thug out of the mismatched combat (The thug was down to one health).  Gretz cast Fog to protect the thief in his exposed position on top of the tower ruins where he had pick up a piece of treasure.  Zauber’s dawg joined in to help the thief by attacking one of the Necro’s archers.  That didn’t work out too well for the dawg.

Zauber once again tried to cast Bone Dart at the Necromancer; once again he miscast; once again he caused damage to himself (For the third time).  To add insult to injury, first the Enchanter’s crossbowman was able to hit him with a glancing shot for some additional damage.  This was followed by the Necromancer successfully casting Reveal Death on Zauber who was unable to resist the effects of the spell (And losing his next activation).

Meanwhile, Gretz cast Telekinesis on a treasure that ended up being moved around by all three warbands’ magic users until finally Zauber’s Ranger grabbed it.  Gretz was able to cast Leap on the ranger with the treasure just yards ahead of the Necro’s henchmen tackling him to the ground.  Zauber then had to cast Leap on Gretz to save her from the Necro’s treasure hunter and several bowmen.

The Necromancer’s apprentice attempted to cast a spell on Zauber.  She miscast badly, killing herself in the process (This got lots of laughs from around the table, even the Necromancer had to chuckle at that).  Zauber then killed one the Necro’s treasure hunter with a successfully cast Bone Dart (The Necromancer didn’t chuckle at that).

Templar finishes off a Treasure Hunter

A second Necromancer Treasure Hunter tried to intercept Zauber’s Ranger as he headed towards safety with a treasure chest in his hands.  Fortunately the Templar was able to intercede, killing the Treasure Hunter.

It was about this time that all three warbands decided to break contact and head back to the safety, and warmth, of their lairs.

Now for the day’s tally:
One of the Thug’s will have to be retired from service but the dawg made a full recovery.
The warband managed to get back with four treasures consisting of 780 gold, a Grimoire of Embed Enchantment, and a Ring of Power (1).

Rumor has it the Necro made off with three treasures and the Enchanter with two treasures.

Not many pictures but hope you enjoyed the story.

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