Painted Some Vehicles this Weekend


Friday was HAWKs night, and Saturday was spent at the Fall Foliage Festival in Bedford, PA, but I did manage to get some vehicle painted on Sunday for Combat Patrol™.

The first vehicles I finished are these halftracks from Blitzkrieg Miniatures.  They are from their line of 1:48 scale vehicles for gaming with 28mm figures.

I am not a military modeler, so my vehicles don’t have the level of detail and weathering that those guys put into their vehicles, but they are good enough for gaming.

I also completed this M-3 Grant tank.  I have always liked the clunky look of this tank, but I don’t game North Africa.  While researching the upcoming Japanese supplement for Combat Patrol™, I discovered that many of the Lee and Grant tanks were sent to the Pacific when they were no longer useful in the Mediterranean or Europe.  They were more than capable of knocking out Japanese tanks (though I’m not sure there were any tank-on-tank engagements involving them) or Japanese defensive positions.

While I was painting the US vehicles, I also painted this goofy looking thing from an old G.I. Joe toy.  I will use it in science fiction games using Combat Patrol™.

These Pz. II’s are also from Blitzkrieg Miniatures.  I need to paint the wooden axe handles and the tow cable, but these are largely completed.

I also completed these Sd.Kfz. 222 reconnaissance vehicles.

Given all my other activities the past few days and a bad head cold, it was a pretty productive hobby weekend.

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