Quick and SImple Frostgrave Fog Walls

Chris Palmer      Most of the other guys in our Frostgrave campaign game have already made fog walls, and since my wizard never had learned the Fog spell, I had never had a need to build any.  However, with my Fall-In Frostgrave game fast approaching, I thought it was about time I build some for myself.
     The materials are simple; some foam core, some cotton batting, and some 1.25" fender washers that I had pre-spray-primed with flat white..

     I cut the foam core into 3"x6" sections, and then I cut a small slot in the bottom center of the foam core section for the washer to fit into.  Next, I cut the cotton batting into a long 7" strip.   I coated the faces, and the top of the foam core “wall” with Aleene’s Tacky glue, and then carefully took the cotton batting strip and wrapped it around the foam core, from the bottom on one side, up over the top, and then down the other side.  I then cut it flush with the two long bottom edges.  Next, I cut the sides of the cotton batting down until there is just a slightly longer than quarter inch flap on one of the edges.  I then smear the Tacky glue down the two side edges, and carefully fold the side flaps over.

      Lastly, I use the Tacky glue to glue the washer in the slot I cut in the bottom.  I set the finished wall to dry between two paint bottles to hold it upright while the glue sets.   Though the Frostgrave rulebook calls for 1" thick fog walls, these end up being only a little over a half in inch wide. I’m not too worried as the thickness of the wall has seldom had a  bearing on game play that I have found; and these will fit more easily in among the many ruins and scatter terrain we use.

    Here is a photo of three finished walls, shown with a 28mm figure for scale.

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