Fall-In Friday Evening HAWKs’ Room Games

Chris Palmer   Here are some photos of some of the Friday evening games that were run in the HAWKs’ room at Fall-In in Lancaster PA this past weekend.

   We were very pleased  to have HAWKs’ member Jim McWilliams win a “Pour Encourager Les Autres” award for his Friday afternoon SAGA game.

Below is a shot of my Friday Evening Frostgrave game.  For more photos and a short report see: The Harbor of Frostgrave

Dave Wood’s “Talavara 1809” game using Fate of Battle rules:

Don Hogge’s “Island Raid” WWII game using Battleground rules.

Kurt Schlegel’s “Action at the Widow Tapp Farm” ACW Wilderness game using A Union So Tested rules.

   Rob Dean’s and Ross Macfarlane’s “Starving Montcalm” French and Indian war game using With MacDuff to the Frontier rules and beautiful big 40mm figures.

 Greg Priebe’s “Combat Patrol; Star Wars” game using Combat Patrol rules.

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