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I often have figures on the table that are partially painted.  Then in one good painting day, I’ll finish a bunch, leading to a feat or famine feeling to this blog.  Yesterday afternoon I managed to finish some 28mm WWII Poles from Warlord that have been partially painted for about a month.  I had hoped to finish them in time to use them in my Combat Patrol™ games at Fall In, but I didn’t get them done in time.

These figures are from the Polish headquarters set.  This set includes a light mortar, two anti-tank rifles, a light machine-gun, a medic, and a couple of officer figures.

In previous posts I have shown my Polish armored train from Sarissa Precision.  I was looking for a Bofors anti-aircraft gun to mount on top of it.  Warlord makes one for the BEF, but not for the Poles.  When I ordered the gun, Warlord generously included a sprue of Polish heads.  I swapped the heads to create this Polish anti-aircraft gun.

I haven’t finished the base yet, and I still need to paint the tires.  The gun comes off the ground most and will fit on the armored train.  I can use it in games as either ground mounted or mounted on the train.

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4 thoughts on “Completed Some Warlord 28mm Poles

  1. I like these a lot, and these should look great on the tabletop battlefield. The colors are great and I really like the crew-served weapons look. What was the primary color you used on the Poles?

  2. All my paints are craft paints from Michael’s. The figures were primed black, dry brushed with dark chocolate, and dry brushed again with territorial beige. After the dry brushing I painted in the hair skin, and painted the helmets with bear brown. The canvas equipment is tan. The ammo pouches are autumn brown. then the figure was dipped in Army Painter dark tone. The rest of the details were painted on afterward.

  3. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving! Is there a big difference in your opinion between a wash with Citadel Nuln Oil or Agrax Earthshade and Army Painter dip? I have looked at the dip and it seems expensive but maybe it’s worth it? Looks like they have 3 shades, but have no experience with them. Yours look great.

  4. I like the dark tone. The Nuln Oil is black, but the Army Painter washes are shades of brown. I prefer the brown, but I have used the Nuln Oil in the past on figures that are mostly white.

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