This meme hit my Inbox this morning.  It is a soldier in Iraq growing grass in front of his tent.  I cannot verify the accuracy of the rest of the Email that accompanied this image, but scenes like this were not uncommon.  When I left for Iraq in 2010, the folks who worked for me gave me a cookie sheet, a pair of scissors, a bag of US topsoil, and a bag of grass seed to take with me.  I was living in a shipping container that had been converted to quarters.  It was not uncommon for soldiers to grow a cookie sheet of American grass under their hooch to remind themselves of home.  It takes a tremendous amount of water for grass to survive through sand storms and blistering heat.  I don’t have any personal pictures of this, but the picture above struck a chord for me.  Pause a moment between glasses of egg nog to think of our Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen, and Coast Guardsmen far away from home this holiday season for whom a bag of American dirt is a special gift.

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