Frostgrave Campaign – 2017

Don Hogge
Bemis is collector of books, tomes, scrolls – he is an avid reader and spends much of time with his nose buried between the pages.  Except when he is engaged in his other life’s passion – magic.  He reads to gain knowledge which in turn expands his abilities as a magic user.  He also likes to write; copying spells, recording his day-to-day activities, and documenting his discoveries.  Though if truth be told, his discoveries have been few in number.  But nonetheless, that has never dampened his desire to learn and experiment.  Which bring us to his current status…..

Bemis had lived Deltenberg for many years but that came to an abrupt end.  After a failed magic experiment caused half the town to burn down (including his own private library much to his dismay), Bemis decides to flee before the authorities find out he caused the fire.  He quickly sells what he can and heads out looking for new adventures – and more books; taking his young apprentice with him.

Agarn was a young orphaned boy grubbing for food in the streets.  A few years ago, Bemis caught him trying to pick his pocket.  Instead of turning him into a toad, or reporting him to the town constable, he decided to give the kid a future and took him on as an apprentice.  With a new sense of self-worth, plus room and board, Agarn was trying his best to be a good student.  He had learned much from Bemis but was still prone to spellcasting errors.  He has never told Bemis that it was his fault the experiment went awry.  Agarn had given his master the wrong ingredient…..

Bemis giving lessons to his young apprentice Agarn

Perched atop an overloaded wagon, drawn by two scrawny donkeys, his travels finally bring him to the outskirts of Felstad.  Here Bemis is told he can find fame and fortune if he has the moxy to brave the dangers of the ancient city.

Bemis first heard of Felstad from a tome that detailed the exploits of a famous Druid who made a name for himself exploring and recovering forgotten treasures.  Much of what he read was later confirmed as even today many of the locals still talk about his legendary exploits.

Bemis has befriended a crusty old campaigner who calls himself Captain Nigel.  Like himself, Nigel has also recently arrived in the area and is looking for employment.  He is leading a band of men he calls the Hawken Free Company.  They do look like a motley assortment of down-on-their-luck ruffians. 

With the easing of the extreme cold weather, the adventuring season will soon to be upon him.  Bemis decides to hire the entire band with what little gold he has remaining.  He hopes he is not making a mistake, only time will tell……

Looking forward to the first game this weekend (14 January 2017).

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