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My buddy Ma’k molded these space bugs from the old Archive Miniatures Star Rovers line.  Apparently they are called Phraints.  I just call them “space bugs.”  For these I wanted to try something a little different.

I found this spray paint at my local Michael’s store.  It is “citrus dream” glitter blast hobby paint from Krylon.  I wanted the bugs to have a shiny appearance, and I was thinking about many layers of increasingly light greens.  Instead, I brush painted the bugs forest green and then sprayed them with this glittery paint.

After spraying them, they definitely had a different look than I would have achieved by layers of dry brushing.  I should have thought about it a little.  For the glitter to be part of the paint, it sprayed on pretty thickly and gunked up some of the details.  More importantly, it left the areas that weren’t skin (exoskeleton, whatever) with a rough texture that was difficult to cover.  The glitter paint stuck to the figure just fine, but I sprayed them with dull coat to make sure glitter didn’t scatter everywhere.

Phraints as works in progress on the painting table

Phraints as works in progress on the painting table

I painted the “sergeant” and “corporal” with different colors on their antennae than the troops.

I’m not sure I’ll mess with this glitter paint again, but I am happy with the effect on these bugs.

I think they look suitably menacing.

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  1. I like it! I wonder how giving them just a dusting of the glitter paint would have worked, as opposed to a full coating.

  2. If I ever try it again, I think I may use the brush on glitter paint over the areas of interest. It is gloopy and not as glittery, but it might be worth a try.

    1. I wonder if anyone makes metallic green spray paint? That might work better on figures.
      You might be able to use the green glitter paint to make some cool alien terrain. Maybe something as simple as spraying some pine bark mulch…

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