Scratchbuilt Frostgrave Large-Construct Garbage Wagon

Chris Palmer    While on a trip to the local Dollar Tree store a couple weekends ago, I spotted a pack of Baby Buggy party favors that I thought would make great 28mm wagons.  As I thought about this, I remembered reading in the Frostgrave Bestiary that some Large Constructs could in fact be living wagons.  I began to form a picture in my head of a wagon with a face and arms, perhaps carved from wood; but where to get such pieces?  And then I remembered a copy of Reaper’s Ice Troll I had.  The faceted nature of that sculpt would make very good carved wood looking parts.

     To start, I hacked up the figure and glued the head and arms to the wagon.  I also flipped the buggy handle to make it look more like a push handle for a 28mm sized human.   As I was working, I was thinking about what I could put into the body of the wagon to hide the smooth plastic interior.  I came up with the idea of a magically animated refuse wagon, animated by the Feldstad City Council wizards to go around the city picking up trash on it’s own.  Since it thawed out after the big freeze, the Wagon Construct is now going around cleaning up the dead bodies laying around the city.  So my plan is to fill the body of the wagon with assorted debris of rotting bodies.  To that end, I soaked some tissue in a glue and water mix, and began applying that to the very bottom to represent the very decomposed stuff lying in the bottom.

     Next, I used some Milliput to blend the head and arms to the wagon’s body, then I started adding some more bits to the bed.   And, I got the idea that maybe it might have some trouble telling which bodies are dead, and which quiet aren’t.   So I equipped it with an axe to help handle some of the more troublesome garbage that fights back.  🙂

     I filled the wagon with bits and bodies to my satisfaction, and then glued the construct to a 2" x 1.5" steel base.  When the glue was dry, I sprayed it with a dark brown camo spray paint.

    After the spray paint dried, it was then just a matter of painting it up.  When it was done, I gave it a coat of Testor’s “Dullcote” spray paint.

Shown with a Reaper 28mm figure for scale.

       I’m really pleased with how it turned out!  I think it will make a fun piece to use in the game.

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