Dollar Tree Fairy Garden FInds!

Chris Palmer      Anyone who has visited a craft store in the last couple store knows that Fairy Gardens have become a big thing recently.  Fairy Gardens, are little scenes you set up in a planter or other garden space, using model houses, and small decorative objects such as furniture, yard ornaments, etc., to make it look like a fairy lives in that spot.   Well, the Dollar Tree has jumped on this bandwagon with their new Spring line; and on a recent trip there, I picked up some of these goodies to see about converting them for Fantasy gaming use.

They had tree different carded sets of figures: these mushrooms, some fairies that were the usual poor Dollar Tree quality sculpting but possibly usable (statues maybe), and some little animals (turtle, butterfly frog) that unfortunately have all sorts of flowers and other bits sculpted on them (Like the gazebo above) and are a bit cartoonish.  I also got the twig and leaf gazebo shown above from the assortment of buildings they have. (Shown with a Reaper 28mm figure for scale)

Here is a shot of the assortment of structures they are selling for the Fairy Gardens.  Thye are the typical poorly painted Dollar Tree fair, but may be usable with a new coat of paint.  I may go back and pick up one of those mushroom houses to try and spruce up.

They also had these succulent sprigs that will make good jungle or sci-fi vegetation. (Shown with a Reaper 28mm figure for scale)

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