Combat Patrol(TM): World War II in the Bocage


SdKfz 222s advance across fields to stop the American advance

I ran two Bocage games at Cold Wars using Combat Patrol™: World War II.  Both games went well.  In fact three of the American players form the first time I ran the game came back to play Germans in the second game.

Americans take cover behind the farmhouse

The Americans didn’t know what kinds of anti-tank weapons the Germans possessed, so they were very cautious. After an unsuccessful Panzerschreck shot, the Americans became even more cautions, seeking cover behind this farmhouse. A couple of turns later, the Sherman advanced up the road and was destroyed by a Panzerfaust from behind a hedge.

The Sherman disabled the SdKfz222. Then the Stuart advanced to push the disabled German vehicle out of the way and try to outflank the Germans.

The Sherman was disabled by a Panzerfaust shot. The Americans then changed their plan, moving the Stuart toward the road intersection while the halftrack attempted to push the SdKfz 222 out of the way.

US infantry advances on line.

The second time I ran the game, the American advance was more orderly.  The American infantry advanced on line with support from the Stuart and their halftracks.  The Stuart took a Panzerschrek shot that disabled its tracks, so it spent the rest of the game as a pillbox.

Americans advance through another open field on their right flank. These troops ran into a hidden German squad in the hedgerow to their front and were forced to drop back into their own hedge and engage in a protracted firefight.

Both games went very well, and all the players seemed to have a really good time.  They also quickly grasped the rules and were quickly self-sufficient.

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  1. Really cool, wish I could have been there. I like the balanced scenario, as well as the use of the unknown in the case of the AT weapons threat. Great use of bocage and the table looks impressive!

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