Some Bombshell Miniatures Pulp SciFi Figures (and some other stuff)


I received the Bombshell Miniatures’ ISW-69F Scout Ship from Rob, who had gotten it on Kickstarter, but then decided he didn’t want it.  I will post pictures of it in a subsequent blog posting (when I finish it).  In the box, however, were a handful of Bombshell Miniatures’ pulpy science fiction figures.  Over the past week, as time has permitted, I have been picking away at them.  As I had way too many hours at work this pay period, I took an hour or two to finish them up this morning.

Some weeks ago I found these ducks on Ebay.  Anyone following this blog will know that I have been building up units of ducks for different games.  My Frostgrave gang, for instance, is made mostly of ducks.  I don’t know what manufacturer these are or for what game they were made, but the price was right, so I bought them.  They are clearly 1970′s sculpts, but they have a quirky quality I like.

I didn’t paint these super heroes.  They came from a pack of Disney PVC collectors’ figurines and are about 28mm scale.  I am going to have to work Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl into a game.

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  1. I love all of these, ESPECIALLY the Ducks! You really did a nice job on them, and I love the way you used color on them. Obviously I caught your duckophilia virus.

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