Quick and Easy Cardboard Game Piece Frame Sci-Fi Building Ruins.

Chris Palmer    So a while back I saw someone’s blog entry where they made some neat Sci-Fi ruins out of the cardboard frames that are left over after you punch game counters out of them, and ever since I’ve been looking for an opportunity to try it.  Then I was with a friend a while back who was punching out the counters for his newly purchased copy of the Congo ruleset, and I asked if I could have the remaining cardboard frame left after all the counters are punched out.

     I first cut the frames into sections to look like partially destroyed walls, and glued them on to 6" x 6" cork tiles.  I made one 6" x 12" base by gluing two of the cork tiles together, in order to make one larger building.  I then added a few odds and ends to the walls using some dollar store lego and other plastic bits.

 I first gave them a base coat of some old Army Painter “Necrotic Flesh” I had on hand.

     When that was dry, I gave the ruins some burst sprays of some Krylon “Aqua” Sea Glass paint I had been wanting to try out.  I think it gave an interesting “alien” effect.

     I then painted the slabs with Americana “Terra Cotta”.   I think it adds to the alien look.

    I added some other colors here and there to the detail bits I glued on earlier.  Then I slathered the ruins in some Citadel “Agrax Earthshade” wash, using a wet brush.  When that was dry, I drybrushed them with Americans “Bleached Sand”.   Lastly, I sprayed them with some matte varnish.

Shown with some Reaper 28mm Sci-Fi figures for scale.

     I’m really happy with how these turned out.  They are’t too complicated or detailed, but I think they’ll look good on the table.   I especially like that they’re made from what would have been trash. 🙂

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