Frostgrave Campaign Game 6 – Into the Library

Don Hogge

Our sixth campaign game of 2017 has been completed.  We decided to play the Library scenario from the main rule book but with a twist.

“We also decided to try and interweave the scenario into the Thaw of the Lich Lord story line by incorporating elements from the Thaw of the Lich Lord’s Battle on the River scenario.  So, at the start of the game we placed in the Library a Mage servant of the Lich Lord for every two players (So for us there were 5).  The Mages would be retrieving certain rare volumes from the library for their Master.  Like Battle on the River they would be trying to exit the table with their prizes.  If a player killed one of the Mages, they got 50 experience, and would roll randomly to recover from the dead Mage one of the five books from the Lich Lord special treasure table."  (An excerpt from Quail’s game report – used with permission)

A shot of the table with a zillion Dwarven Forge sets

We also had ten players which would be our biggest Frostgrave game.  We laid out the table with Dwarven Forge sets trying to ensure the rooms were well interconnected with each other by corridors and secret passages.  We then placed treasures.  And finally, we drew for starting locations.

All the starting locations

The story begins…..

"Like he always does, Bemis spent some time rummaging around through all the old documents, scrolls, and tomes in his library home.  He didn’t discover any magical writings (failed the Library roll) but he did managed to learn of the location of a great under ground library (Absorb Knowledge).  Bemis was all excited, this must be the same library referenced by the great Druid Knabe in his annals” (From the Chronicles of Bemis, Chapter 5).

Basil and his warband
Finally the weather was breaking enough that Bemis could resume his exploration of the frozen city.  Today he would be attempting to enter the ruins of the great library.  He and Agarn were so exited that all they managed to accomplish was the writing of a single scroll (failed all the pre-game spells except for one Write Scroll which produced Reveal Secret).
A random picture
Saffron and his warband

Having read the famous exploits of Knabe the Great Druid, and also the lesser adventures of Kodiak the Finger Wiggler, Bemis knew the library harbored some terrifying creatures.  With the help of Nigel (Captain), Bemis came up with a game plan that called for everyone to fan out quickly from the door, go about 100 feet in and grab anything that looked valuable – especially tomes and scrolls.  And then get out as quickly as possible.  At least that WAS the plan…..

Another random picture
Quail’s warband ready to enter the library

Bemis and the gang set out early, the morning haze quickly burned off.  They easily found the entrance they were looking for under a small ruined building.  Hatch (Thief) picked the lock and silently opened the door.  The scent of musty and moldy paper wafted out causing Agarn to sneeze.  “Remember the plan, in and out as quickly as possible” whispered Bemis as they entered the library.  The group found themselves in a small entry room with passages straight ahead, and to the left and right.

Bemis enters the library

As soon as he got into the library, Bemis immediately cast Drain Word – Elemental Bolt.  There were rumors that the Lich Lord’s magi were afoot and he remembered that was a favored spell.  Niko (Thief) sees a tome covered in cobwebs and moves to pick it up.  9Toe (Treasure Hunter) drinks an Elixir of Speed to aid his movement through the darkened corridors.  Agarn attempts to cast Draining Word but sneezes in the middle of his incantation.  The rest of the warband cautiously spreads out.

Bemis and gang spread out to grab treasures
Bemis enters a side room and casts Fog

Bemis follows Nigel, Vale (Treasure Hunter), and Kleppo (Thief) into a long room to his left and casts Fog about half way down to block any prying eyes.  He thinks he has detected the magic signature of Basil.   Kleppo picks up a satchel.  Hatch (Thief), in another room,  moves forward and picks up a book satchel. 

A Magus runs into the room with Bemis and Nigel.

The Magus is quickly surrounded

Nigel and Vale move up and engage the Magus, Nigel takes a severe wound (10 points of damage).
Vale strikes the Magus and deals 7 points of damage

Nigel is beat back the Magus while Vale remains engaged

Agarn again fails to cast Draining Word but then remembers he’s carrying a Scroll of Draining Word.  He uses that to hinder the casting of Telekinesis.  And he sneezes again eliciting a “Shhhh” from Niko, “You want to wake the dead?”

Agarn, following Shadow (Warhound), rounds a corner in the corridor and sees a finely bound tome tucked into a niche in the wall.  He quickly grabs it and places if in his bag.  Meanwhile Shadow disappears into another room further down the hallway.

Vale manages to wound the Magus once more.

Diesel enters the room as Kleppo hauls off the treasure

Suddenly, a light snowfall begins to fall from the ceiling.  This indoor weather has to be the work of Saffron (a cursed demon lover) or his apprentice.

Bemis decides to move into contact with the Magus to distract him as does the recently arrived Diesel (Treasure Hunter) who heard the sounds of combat.

Bemis and Diesel enter combat to assist Nigel

With the Magus already in contact with Bemis and Vale, Nigel moves up and drops him with a well placed thrust through the heart.  As he falls, the Magus drops a leather bound tome.  Vale gathers it up and places it in his pack.

Basil and his henchmen spreadout
A battle ensues between Basil and Saffron

Meanwhile, Agarn sees movement at the fall end of the corridor and cast Fog to limit line of sight (Basil’s warband was expanding their search area).  Shadow has found some trouble (as usual).  He is attacked by Saffron’s thief but he manages to drive him back.  Shadow then moves around a bookcase and attacks Quail’s mangy dog.  Shadow comes out on the losing end of that dogfight.

The light snowfall gets a bit heavier (Saffron cast Call Storm again).  Bemis and friends move further into the library heading towards the sound of fighting (Completely forgetting the plan).

A bright light suddenly flares up in front of Shadow, effectively blinding him (Quail’s Apprentice cast Blinding Light).  While Shadow stands there wondering what happened, he is cruelly cut down by Quail’s ranger.

Shadow is laid low just before 9Toe arrives to assist

Once again, the snowfall increases.  Diesel moves into a large room filled with bookcases – and what looks like Quail’s entire warband.  He ends up in contact with  Quail’s ranger.  Nigel, still weak from his wounds, pushes in to support Diesel.

Nigel joins the fight

Bemis decides against entering the room, remembering instead that he can see what Diesel can see.  So he closes his eyes as he activates his Eyes of Amoto amulet.  He can now see Quail’s apprentice and it looks like she is gearing up to cast a spell.  Bemis quickly grabs a chunk of rock and chants the words to cast Grenade.  He is successful and the rock hurls across the room and explodes right beside her.  When the smoke clears, Bemis can see that she has fallen to one knee, severely injured from the blast (12 points of damage, it pays to increase your health stat).  Bemis moves forward but runs smack into a wall – dang Eyes of Amoto, forgot to turn them off.

Bemis casts Grenade

9Toe engages Quail’s barbarian and easily forces him backwards.  He is then attacked by Quail’s ranger and deals him a heavy blow (9 points of damage).  9Toe is then set upon by Quail’s dog.  He smacks him hard up side the head, dropping him to the floor.  Diesel engages Quail’s treasure hunter but neither one can gain an advantage on the other.

Meanwhile, Agarn and others have left the library, carrying a tome and waits outside the entry point for Bemis.

Agarn, Hatch, and Kleppo haul treasure to the exit
The brothers Niko and Piko exit with treasure

Bemis tries to use the Eyes of Amoto again but discovers they do not have enough power and have to recharge (One use per game).  So he steps into the room to see what is happening.  He sees a lot of Quail’s minions, including Quail, a knight, and a crossbowman frantically trying to reload.  He quickly conjures up some Fog to block line of sight.

Quail plus a knight and crossbowman
Bemis casts Fog while his warband engages Quail’s warband

Quail’s ranger strikes Nigel with a low blow, he falls and strikes his head on the floor – out cold. This action enrages 9Toe.  With a flurry of swings and thrusts, he beats the ranger down putting him out of action.  Nigel has been avenged – for now (Toe mentally writes the ranger into his Book of Grudges).

Quail’s knight charges towards Bemis

Quail’s knight burst through the Fog and charged towards Bemis.  Bemis, trying not to soil himself, quickly begins the incantation for a spell. Elsewhere in the room, Diesel is still unable to break through Quail’s treasure hunter’s defenses.  Just as he sees an opening and prepares to strike down his foe, he finds himself standing in front of Bemis with his sword raised and ready to swing.  The knight is now standing toe to toe with his own treasure hunter.  Bemis managed to successfully cast Transpose, easily overcoming the weak will of Quail’s knight.

Bemis successfully Transposed Quail’s knight and Diesel

With that final piece of magical genius, Bemis tells 9Toe to grab Nigel and back out of the room.  So with Diesel’s help, the two of them manage to drag Nigel’s unconscious body from the room.  With no pursuit by Quail’s warband, Bemis casually heads towards the exit.

Carrying Nigel’s unconscious body, Bemis and the gang head towards the exit

Back home safe and sound, Bemis takes note of the day’s haul.  Six (6) treasures were recovered from the ruined library:  480 gold coins, four grimoires (Wall, Bind Demon, Illusionary Soldier, and the cursed Book of Lichdom), and a magic dagger (+1 fight).

The obligatory after game group picture with the loot

Even though it pained him to do so, Bemis tossed the Book of Lichdom into the fire pit (and gained 50 xp).  He hated destroying any book but in this case, it had to be done.  The thought of the Lich Lord making an attack on his base and obtaining the book was too great of a threat to ignore (Hmmmm, an assault on a rival wizard’s base would make an interesting scenario.  Wonder where Quail lives??? Hahahahaha).

One of my better games with six treasures and 450 experience.  The use of the dwarven forge sets really restricted the line of sight and movement of the various warbands.  All across the table numerous one-on-one battles emerged as the wizards attempted to collect treasures with the occasional three-way contest going on as well.  In my area, I really only encountered Quail’s warband, except for a single battle with Saffron’s thief.  Basil was not inclined to stick his head through the fog barriers Bemis and Agarn cast. 

 All in all, another extremely good game with a great bunch of gamers.  The next game is in 2 days so got to get this posted.  Hope you enjoyed the read.

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