Frostgrave Campaign Game 7 – A Long Reach

Don Hogge
Many Saturdays ago we got together for the 7th game of our 2017 Frostgrave Campaign – The House of Longreach from the Thaw of the Lich Lord supplement.  We ended up with eight players.  So as usual, we modified the scenario to accommodate a larger number of players by multiplying all the scenario requirements times 4; so there were 4 vaults and 24 portals. Also, 8 Frost Wraiths (2 in each vault),  4 Zombie Trolls, and 16 Death Cultists. It would prove to be a most challenging and enjoyable game.

With Master Splinter to my left, Tim the Enchanter to my front, and to my right was Saffron the Summoner (Who claims his name is Challara but who will always be called Saffron).

You can find my fellow Sigilist Wizard Quail’s report here: The District of Longreach

“Master Bemis, Master Bemis” cried Agarn as he ran into the reading room disturbing Bemis as he was studying a map of Felstad.  “There was an old man in the tavern raving about the Lich Lord and some valuable treasure.. There are magic portals and chests of gems and gold."  "Is that so Agarn, what have I told you about hanging around taverns?” said Bemis.

Just then, Nigel (Captain) entered, “Mr. Bemis, sorry to interrupt, but the young lad is correct.  There are rumors about….and several other wizards are making preparations to search for some place called Longreach.  Should I prepare our boys for a trip?”

Bemis pondered for a moment, “Yes Nigel, please make preparations.  If others are going, then we will also.  Send Niko and Piko (Thieves) out to gather some more information about these rumors.  Come Agarn, we have preparations of our own to perform.”

Back in their laboratory, Bemis successfully cast Reveal Secret and received insight of the location of a grimoire hidden inside some old ale barrels near the Longreach district.  He and Agarn attempted to create some scrolls successfully managed to correctly pen the magic words for Reveal Secret and Draining Word (Always good to have an extra Scroll of Reveal Secret in the vault).  Then they both failed to summon a Familiar.  Agarn was able to Brew Potion – Teleport (Gave it to 9Toe, Hatch receives one from the vault)  Bemis takes an Elixir of Chameleon and Agarn takes a Potion of Invisibility from the vault.

Preparations complete, the warband heads out into the frozen city.  Following the information Niko and Piko had gathered.

The treasure rooms waiting to be looted

Shortly after moving into position, Bemis spied a small chest resting on a ledge a short distance away.  He easily cast Telekinesis to move it closer to his warband. Niko and Hatch (Thief) both moved towards treasure items laying in the snow. 

Bemis and the Lads

Having deteced numerous other warbands moving around in the ruins, Agarn cast Drain word – Elemental Bolt the hard way – pushed for 8 points (silly apprentice).  Piko, Diesel Vin (Treasure Hunter), and 9Toe (Treasure Hunter) move forward.

A wild boar charges around a wall heading towards Bemis.  Nigel intercepts the boar and after a short fight there will be ham for dinner.

Bemis is charged by a wild boar
Nigel earning his pay

Meanwhile, Bemis decides to cast Drain Word – Bone Dart, chuckling to himself as he successfully does so.  Denying others the chance to easily cast their spells is amusing.

Agarn sees a treasure lying near Grue and Saffron’s warbands and decides to Telekinesis it just for fun.  He is scolded by Bemis, “Stop showing off Agarn and focus on our mission.”

Niko, Piko, and Hatch all managed to grab a treasure item.  Vale (Treasure Hunter)goes through a magic door and is teleported to a treasure room.  Shadow (Warhound), running around wild as usual, passes through a magic door and gets burned (takes 2 points of damage).

Seeing so many hostile warbands around, Bemis decides to drink a Potion of Chameleon to prevent any long distance shots or spells being aimed his way.  Kleppo picks up a treasure and turns to leave.

A storm begins as Saffron casts Call Storm (someone else likes to mess with the other players ability to shoot).  Agarn attempts to cast Fog to provide some cover.  He fails to properly perform the incantation and takes two points of damage.  Nigel decides to enter a magic portal and ends up in a treasure room.  9Toe attempts to do the same but finds himself transported across the table to top of a ruined bridge – Saffron’s demon loving henchmen are nearby.  Diesel also goes through a door and ends up in the same treasure room as Vale.

Vale and Diesel enter a treasure room
Vale and Diesel are attacked by frost wraiths
It was a short fight…..time to loot the treasure

Vale and Diesel each slay a Frost Wraith in the treasure room and move to claim the two chests they were guarding.  Meanwhile, Shadow runs through another portal and gets burned again.

Kleppo and Niko heading out with some treasure.

Bemis successfully casts Fog and moves toward a portal.  He has to experience it for himself.
The storm intensifies as Saffron casts Call Storm again.

Agarn, down to 1 point of health, wisely decides not to cast anymore spells.  He drinks a Potion of Invisibility to protect himself.  Hatch, with a treasure in his backpack, is being hard pressed by Tim the Enchanter and members of his warband.  He waves “Goodbye” as he drinks a Teleport Potion to get himself to safety.

9Toe on the bridge

9Toe, up on the bridge, can detect a hint of gold in a strange and tall ruined tower (Its a dwarf thing).  He decides to chug his Teleport Potion – Poof!, he is standing on a small ledge starring down at a pot of gold.  His nose is always right when it comes to gold.

Bemis moves through a portal and ends up near a tall tower – surrounded by hostiles.  He casts Fog to cover himself as he ponders what to do next.

Bemis uses Fog to hide his position

As he glances around to make sure no one else is nearby, 9Toe is suddenly blinded by a bright flash of light.  He looked  to see where it came from only to discover his eyesight was extremely blurred.  This can’t be good, so he drew his axe.

Quail’s apprentice Bailey readies herself to attack 9Toe

Meanwhile, Piko is running to the rendezvous spot when he gets a blank look on his face and stops cold (Master Splinter’s apprentice cast Mind Control with a casting number of 14).  He then unknowingly attacked Hatch.  After the attack, which did no damage, he shrugged off the mind control, apologized, and continued towards the rendezvous.

In one of the treasure rooms, Vale is startled as three more people enter the treasure room – its Missy, the cursed Necromancer, Tim the Enchanter, and one of Tim’s archers.  Vale and the archer both move to engage Missy while Tim (The greedy enchanter) moves over and grabs a treasure chest.

Action in one of the treasure rooms

Bemis goes through another portal and finds himself just a few yards from the last portal.  He again casts Fog to provide some cover.  This is getting him nowhere, just one more try.

Over in the treasure room, Vale manages to best Missy, causing 13 hit points of damage.  Then things really go from bad to worst – four cultists enter the room and start attacking everyone they can reach.  A mad free for all ensures.  Diesel and Missy both take out one.  Vale receives a minor wound. Tim the Enchanter falls to a cultist, the treasure chest dropping to the floor.  The presence of the death cultists ensured no one would be able to retrieve any of the treasures in this room before time expired and all were teleported out (when the game ends).

Bemis goes through the portal one more time – and finds himself back near his library.  He sighs and heads inside to wait for the rest of the party to get back.

9Toe feels a strange breeze and realizes that he is no longer alone in the tower.  He drops down, feels around,  and grabs the pot of gold.  He hears a squeal and someone jumps down beside him  “Lassy, you’d best go back.  I might be blind but I am more than a match for you."  Quail’s apprentice, not to be taunted away, launches a fierce series of attacks.  9Toe, even in his blind state, manages to out fight her twice.  The third time, his eyesight comes back, and he manages to catch her upside the head with the flat side of his axe.  She is out cold.  "Sorry lassy, you’ll be safe up here until you wake up,” and with that 9Toe pats her on the head and climbs down with the treasure.  He then heads off to link up with the rest of the warband.

9Toe taking down Bailey

While waiting for the rest of his warband to return, Bemis entertained himself by reading through some of the old documents in his library.  While he didn’t find any new scrolls or spells, he did find enlightenment (Successfully cast Absorb Knowledge).


When the warband returned, Bemis was overjoyed that no one had been lost this trip, although Agarn tried hard.  Plus  they returned carrying five treasures – and with tales of the two treasures that they couldn’t get out of the hidden treasure room in time.


The five treasures included a Staff of Casting, Ring of Slow Fall, three grimoires (Fleet Feet, Bone Dart, and Awareness), and 280 gold coins.  Nigel’s pay for the day would take 33 of the gold coins.  Total experienced gained was 410 (250 for treasures, 10 for killing a cultist, 70 for spells cast, 30 for entering different portals, and 50 for successfully casting Absorb Knowledge).  All in all, a good days bit of adventuring in the frozen ruins.  Bemis hopes this lucky streak will continue.


The  House of Long Reach scenario is definitely challenging, especially with the randomness of the portals and the fight in the treasure room with the wraiths, followed by the death cultists. And once the four cultist’s enter a treasure room, it gets extremely difficult to get a treasure out.  Throw in a couple opposing warband members – or wizards – and the fun really begins. No one in our game managed to get a treasure out of the hidden treasure rooms, although Tim the Enchanter came close.

Looking forward to another challenging scenario as we will next attempt the Lair of the Ghoul King.  Bemis will be rubbing his lucky snow rabbit foot…..

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