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Sea Hag, Painted as Ghost Archipelago “Swamp Zombie”: Bone 2 Figure

Chris Palmer

     This past week I painted the Sea Hag figure from the Bones 2 Under the Sea set to represent a “Swamp Zombie” for the Ghost Archipelago rules.
   I prepped the figure in the usual way; soaking it in a dish of water with a couple drops of dish-soap added, then giving it a light scrub with a soft toothbrush, and then rinsing and drying it.    I then glued the figure to a black-primed 1.“ fender washer with Aleene’s Tacky glue, and then glued the washer-mounted figure to a tongue depressor with a couple drops of the Elmer’s glue.
      Right before starting to paint this figure, I noticed it had a tiny octopus on it’s left shoulder; so I trimmed off the oct’s main body, with the hope I could paint the remaining legs to look like part of the figure’s ragged clothing. In fact, I took the photo below before I noticed the octopus sitting there.

      I began by painting all the exposed skin with Americana "Reindeer Moss Green”.  Next, I painted the remains of the dress with Crafter’s Acrylic “Forest Green”, and then the hag’s hair with Apple Barrel “Apple Black Green”.

     Next, I painted dried blood splatter here and there with Ceramcoat “Black Cherry”.  I let everything dry for a while and then gave the figure a wash with Citadel “Agrax Earthsahde” wash.   When the wash was dry, I painted the eyes with Crafter’s Acrylic “Light Antique White”, and then highlighted the skin with Some Ameircana “Jade Green” mixed with some of the “Light Antique White.

     I then drybrushed the hair with Crafter’s Acrylic "Holiday Green”, and highlighted the clothing with Crafter’s Acrylic “Citrus Green”.  After that I added fresher looking blood  to all the spatter areas using Reaper MSP “Holly Berry”. I decided at that point that I wanted more variation in the stuff draped all over her, so some of it might look like swamp vegetation, so I gave some of the more stringy parts of what she’s wearing a wash with some Citadel “Dark Green” ink.
     Lastly, I painted the figure’s integral base with Ceramcoat “Walnut”.
     I let the figure dry overnight and the next morning I gave it a coat of Americana “DuraClear Matte” varnish. When that was dry, I flocked the base. Another overnight dry, and I sprayed it with Testor’s Dullcote".  When the Dullcote was dry, I went back and painted the hair and some of the hanging material with some Americana “DuraClear Gloss” Varnish.

     I’m pleased with the results on this figure.  It certainly looks like the kind of zombie one would expect to crawl out of a swamp in my opinion! 

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Barrage Game Master Premium


I ordered a bunch of compact tape measures to give to game masters at Barrage.  Today I made mockups of the tables that will be stuck to the two sides.  I think they will be a nice gift.

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The Starship Shmootar


Over the past several months I have occasionally posted pictures of works in progress for the space ship I am building for Combat Patrol™ science fiction skirmish games.  After finishing up some additional “furniture,” I assembled what I have completed and took a couple of pictures.

A view of the bridge

Another view of the bridge

A final view of the bridge

I have been building rooms from Depron, which is essentially the foam stuff between cardboard in foam core board.  It cuts easily and glues with Tacky Glue.  The idea is to build a bunch of these boxes and then be able to assemble them in different configurations from game to game.  I haven’t determined what the basic deck of the ship will be made of on which these boxes will be arranged.  Greg has ordered a mat made from mouse pad material that might work.


The link above is to the warp core to my space ship.

A look down the hallway. The seam is between two sheets of Depron. I’ll eventually replace this base with something more interesting.

A view of the sick bay

A view of two bunk rooms

I printed the doors on card stock.  I found glue sticks that are the kind of glue on post-it notes, so they can be removed and replaced at will.  The glue leaves no residue behind.  In the picture below, you can see what a door looks like when it is opened.  During a game I’ll be able to pull off the closed doors and replace them with opened doors at will.

The day room and a storage room. The day room needs more furniture.

A view of the shower / locker room

The armory on the left and the transporter room on the right

I made the corner light bars and the doors in PowerPoint.  The corner light bars help hide the seams in the boxes and also provide a sufficiently science fiction look.

The storage room on the left and the dayroom on the right

Another view of the armory

Another view of the corridor

Well, I figure it is about half completed.  I need to build the engine room, cargo hold, a few more rooms, and some weapon turrets.  It is starting to shape up, however.

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Combat Patrol(TM) Cards for Warlord “Battle for Berlin” Set


Warlord has produced another starter set of figures and vehicles.  These starter sets are very nice.  For those of you who are interested in using these figures with Combat Patrol™: WWII, I have posted the unit record cards for free download on the Combat Patrol™: WWII web page.

Get them here:

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Frostgrave Campaign ’17, Game 10: The Bone Wheels

Chris Palmer      This past Saturday we played the 10th game of this year’s Frostgrave Campaign, and the next to last scenario of the “Thaw of he Lich Lord” supplement book.  Next month we will be finishing up the book with the final showdown with the Lich Lord himself!  Then, in December we will be playing a special Christmas themed scenario for our annual Frostgrave Game Christmas Party.
We had 6 of our regular players in attendance for Saturday’s outing, which once again featured one of the Lich Lord’s devious schemes to gain magical control the city.  Placed at regular intervals around the city, the Lich Lord had erected large circular wheels made of bones, lashed together, and then mounted on tall wooden pedestals so that the wheels could freely turn.  Hanging from the spoke of each wheel was a victim bound up tightly, unconscious, with a magic bejeweled bag tied around its neck.  These bags contained various objects needed for whatever bizarre ritual the Lich Lord was trying to enact.
To read the report from last month’s game, click here:  The Dark Cauldrons

Unfortunately, I got the next to last choice of set-up zones, so was stuck in the center spot of one side.  This positioned my Sigilist, Quail, and her warband, with Bemis the other Sigilist on her left, and the Summoner, Challara, on her right.  Directly across was the Elementalist, Alfred the Unready, and to my diagonal left front was Gru the Soothsayer, and on my diagonal right front was the Necromancer, Missy.

A view of the table at the start of the game.

“Join me in a tale of cold-hearted betrayal…“, Quailelyn began in her spookiest voice, as she leaned forward in her chair and looked out over the eager faces of her warband members.  They were seated around her, on various chairs, stools, or the floor, in the great hall.  A fire crackled in the large fireplace as a cold wind blew around the tower, making a low moaning sound.   The Sigilist leaned back again and smiled to herself as she continued her story; they were hooked.  There wasn’t much to do in the cold nights on the outskirts of the frozen city, so the Wizard was often called upon to use her skill as a trained Storyteller to provide some entertainment for the assembled soldiers of her party.
She hadn’t gotten far into the tale when the door of the tower creaked open, making everyone jump a little, and the one absent member, Sir Cardidil the Knight, came in and stood for a minute stamping his feet and rubbing his hands together to warm up.  He looked up when he felt all the eyes upon him.  “Ah, good, you’re all here!”, he said, oblivious to the fact he had just interrupted the story. “I have news from the tavern.  It seems our evil friend in the city is up to some new tricks.” And with that, he told them all about the strange gigantic wheels, made of bones, that explorers returning from  the city that day had seen being built by teams of Death Cultists.
Quail frowned, and tried to wrack her brain to think of what these wheels, that the Knight had described, could possibly be. The Maga Librarian of the Wizards’ University library knew a lot of arcane magics, but these baffled her. She knew they would need to check them out for themselves, so story-time was cancelled, with some grumbling from the audience, and she gave the order to prepare for an expedition into the city first thing in the morning.
And the morning came quickly.  There was much hustle and bustle in the tower as preparations were made.  Quail was pleasantly surprised when her Apprentice, Bailisette, came down in the morning and reported that she had taken the liberty to research the Magical Atlas at first light, and had made an interesting discovery near where they were heading that morning. Apparently there was a rare Archangel Blade that was kept in a place called the Giant’s Rest.  It would be a great prize to find one of these swords; in effect exactly like a Vampire Blade, but it’s nature was more aligned to Good than Evil.  The Sigilist was glad that her Apprentice had taken the initiative on this, as she had had no time herself to even think about looking at the atlas that morning.  (Quail fails Reveal Secret roll, and Bailey passes her’s)
The pair then got to work preparing potions for the day’s trip, but with all the commotion in the main hall that morning, Clol the Barbarian, accidentally knocked into their work table, and both little cauldrons toppled off their stands just as the Wizard and her Apprentice were adding the last ingredients. (Both Spellcasters fail Brew Potion.)

Quail’s deployment at the start of the game, and showing their proximity to the Banshee and Bone Wheel

As the party approached the area of the city where the giant Bone Wheels had been reported, they heard a high, piercing, shriek in the distance that went on for a full quarter minute, undulating up and down.  Everyone froze in their tracks, icy shivers went down their spines, and their ears rang for a couple minutes afterwards.  “Banshee.” Quail said in a hushed voice.  She thought quickly of what to do, and consulted with Sir Cardidil as to their best course of action.  They knew that as they got closer to the creature the inhuman wail would become more devastating, and life threatening.
The group crept forward to find a position where they could get a better look at the situation, but not risk their lives.  As they advanced, they spotted the Giant’s Rest, or the ruins of it anyway.  It appeared to have been a massive house or inn, with windows and doors all sized and located for Giant-sized inhabitants.  But they couldn’t concern themselves with recovering the treasure that was there just yet. In the distance they could see the source of their problem; a ghostly form of a woman sat upon a rock wringing a red cloth over and over again in her hands. As they watched the thing tilted it’s head back and let loose with another extended cry.  Everyone immediately clapped their hands over their ears.  Some fell to their knees in pain.  Their blood turned to ice and their heads throbbed.  Quail’s eyes watered as she closed them tightly and tried to block the sound and the pain.  Then as quickly as it started, it was over.  Everyone felt a little dizzy and nauseous, and, like before, their ears were ringing.
“We have to go now!“, the Knight urged in a loud whisper.  Quail nodded as she blinked tears from her eyes, and reached over and touched Clol on the arm.  Being the two soldiers with magic weapons, Sir C., and the Barbarian had been elected to join the Sigilist in a single mad dash at the immaterial creature, hoping they could surprise it and overwhelm it before it could let loose with another shriek.  At the distance they would be, it could be fatal.   The three ran as fast as they could at the ghostly woman.  She looked up with empty eyes, shocked at the sudden appearance of intruders.  Luckily for the attackers, her first reaction was to stand and face them her clawed hands raised in defiance. Just as they reached her she lashed out at the Barbarian with a clawed hand, but he swerved and escaped the claws.  The Banshee’s mouth opened wide to wail, but only a short single note came out before Quail was there with her magic blade, and rammed it into the creature’s chest killing it in a single blow (Quail rolls 13 + Fight 8 = 21) . The note was cut off almost before it started, and the ghostly woman looked at the Sigilsit with sad pleading eyes as it slowly vaporized into mist.
The Maga Librarian reached over and put her hand on Clol’s shoulder beside her, and bending over, resting her sword hand on her knee, gulped large breaths of the chilly air.  Quail was not use to sprinting like that, and she found herself winded by the exertion.   The Wizard, however, was brought back to the  immediate situation by Sir Cardidil who said merely, “M’lady.”  to get her attention.  She sensed the urgency in the Knight’s voice, and looked up to see him pointing to behind where the Banshee had been.

Quail, Sir Cardidil and Clol rush the Banshee.

Quail now took a moment to quickly take in their surroundings. In the distance was one of the large Bone Wheels as had been reported.  What she wasn’t prepared for was the six victims hanging, chained and unconscious, from it’s spokes.   “What foul magic is this?” she thought to herself.  The Sigilist then spotted what had caused Sir C to gain her attention; there was a large warehouse just past the Bone Wheel and another Banshee just under one of it’s windows.  As she looked and considered the sight,  she was suddenly shocked to see some of the strange Duckmen that the Elementalist, Alfred the Unready, used as his soldiers.  The faint quack-like sound of their calls could be heard as they fell upon the Banshee by the warehouse.  Quail then spotted Alfred himself in one of the warehouse windows. That could be trouble.  Elementalists could be deadly when provoked.  The Sigilsit called back behind her, “Bailey! Warehouse! Window!”
As Quail watched a bank of fog appeared blocking the whole side of the building. (Bailey cast’s Fog.)  The Sigilist would need all her wits now, so quickly she began reciting the words of the Awareness spell.  Casting it effortlessly, she felt her mind open to possibilities before her.  Quickly she ducked behind a nearby wall to consider her options.  Sir Cardidil caught a glimpse of a shadowy movement behind where the warband had entered, and taking his leave of the Wizard, went to investigate.  He didn’t get far before the Elementalist Apprentice, Aardvark the Unsteady,  appeared from behind a wall on their left, and unleashed an Elemental Bolt at the Knight. Luckily the lad only managed the weakest of spells, and the Knight felt little more than a strange electric tingle.    Meanwhile, Clol, seeing the Duckmen who had entered on their right, charged directly at them, his huge Club of Battering waving above his head.
Luc Demic, the Marksman, seeing the Barbarian’s wild charge tried to provide some covering fire, and spotting a Duckman archer behind a low wall,  fired at him; but his shot went wide.   Bailey took the matter into her hands and quickly recited Fog again, though she stumbled a bit in her haste, and felt a painful pressure build up behind her temple. (Pushes spell for 2 HP)  Recovering herself, she completed the spell, and produced another wall of white mist blocking the view of the Duckman Archer and some other Duckmen as well. The Apprentice then turned to Kinny, the Halfling Treasure Hunter, and pointed to the Bone Wheel and the poor souls hanging from it.  “See if they are still alive and if you can help some of them.”
Kinny was off like a shot toward the wheel.  She reached it, and her Treasure Hunting eyes lit up as she saw a large bag, speckled all over with ornately mounted gems, tied around each victims neck.  Each bag was the size of a knapsack.  and they were obviously full of something.  The Halfling called out to her fellow Treasure Hunters, “Innis! Dorch!”, and then jumped up onto the nearest victim and clutching the chains with one hand, grabbed a limp hand and sensed a weak pulse.  Quickly she picked the lock holding the chains and the limp body fell to the ground.  The Halfling  quickly relieved the body of the jeweled bag, as the poor soul slowly woke up from whatever trance it had been under.  He was a scruffy looking man, and rising slowly, he looked around himself with wide fearful eyes, then bolted off into the ruins.  Kinny watched the man flee, then realized the weird quack-talk of the Duckmen was getting louder; and she turned to see a number of them now swarming all over the wheel, seemingly oblivious to her.
As Sir Cardidil ran back, he spotted the shadowy figure he had seen: a Frost Wraith.  Drawing his sword, empowered by his Ring of Life, he prepared to meet the creature.  It came at him, it’s own ancient blade drawn, and both of them struck simultaneous blows. (Both rolled the exact same Attack totals) Sir C’s thrust was enough to shatter the icy form of the Wraith and the frozen particles rained on the pavement a the Knight’s feet.  Unfortunately, though, the Frost Wraiths blade had hit Sir Cardidil in the shoulder and it’s icy effect shot though his body, chilling him to the bone. (Sir C. takes 7 HP damage.)

Opening advance.  On the left Cirvid the warhound can be seen in his ill-fated attack against the Elementalist’s Apprentice. The Apprentice laid the dog low with a single blow.

Back at the Bone Wheel Dorchesman and Innis Flyn, the two other Treasure Hunters, as well as Barc the Man-at-Arms had arrived.  Dorchesman immediately went to free the closest victim and relieve them of their jeweled bag, while the other two ran around to engage two of the Duckmen who were working on some of the other victims.   However, before  Clol could strike at his opponent, the opposing Wizard cast Leap upon the Duckman, and snatching the jeweled bag, the strange feathered creature jumped high into the air and landed back by the warehouse, out of the Man-at-Arms reach.  Quail saw this from her vantage point back by the wall, and quickly turned to prevent the Elementalist’s Apprentice from doing the same trick.  The Sigilist quickly took a quill from her pouch, and cast Furious Quill upon it.  It sped off towards the young lad, but he was able to bat it away.  He then turned and with his magic wand raised, he cast Leap upon the Duckman that Innis  was tangling with, sending it half leaping-half flying back to the warehouse.  It seemed there were feathers, and that incessant quacking everywhere, and before Quail’s soldiers realized it,  the four other treasure were all stripped away from the wheel!
With all the Duckmen involved with grabbing the jeweled bags, Quail took the opportunity to move up and inspect the Bone Wheel.  She reached a hand high up and tentatively touched one of the bones, and felt a strange and uncomfortable tingle.  Quickly she withdrew her hand.  Her mind considered the meaning of it all. (20 Experience for Wizard in contact with Bone Wheel.)
Meanwhile, Clol and Barc saw the old Elementalist hiding behind a pile of rotting barrels and ran at him. They both prepared to swing, but the Wizard struck at Clol first, giving him a nasty gash.  Then out of nowhere a crossbow bolt hit the big Barbarian in the back and he toppled over into the snow.  Both Barc and the Elementalist were equally shocked at this, and they simultaneously turned to see a pair of Missy the Necromancer’s Marksman along a nearby wall. What’s more, some of the Necromancer’s soldiers were approaching as well.   Alfred the Unready called out to his Duckmen, “On the Flank!”  Barc took the opportunity to give the wizard an ungracious jab with his spear to push him away, and then tried to extricate himself from the direct line of fire from the enemy Marksmen.

Clol and Barc charge Alfred the Unready.  Some wandering zombies can be seen in the background.

Soon another call of “Flank!” rang out from Sir Cardidl who was coming up from his fight with the Frost Wraith.  He had spotted members of the Summoner Challara’s band creeping around from the rear of Quail’s position.   The Knight also was suddenly hit by a bolt, this one from one of the Summoner’s solders, and was knocked to the snow.  Weakly he stood back up, and limping forward tried to find Quail.  Bailey heard his call as well, and turning she saw the threat and immediately masked it with a wall of Fog.
Quail had been alerted by Alfred the Unready’s and Sir C’s calls, but she hadn’t noticed the Summoner’s or the Necromancer’s men; she was alarmed to see a pair of the wizard Gru’s strange yellow minion creatures pass from under a viaduct off to her left, and head towards the warehouse.  Likewise, a Warhound she recognized as being Bemis appeared charging up from behind.  And there was one of the other Sigilist’s soldiers rushing forward as well!  Quail realized if they didn’t act fast they could be cut off and surrounded.   Urgently, she shouted, “Fall back!”  as loudly as she could.  Then before the hound could reach her, she cast Teleport upon herself, and in a flash was back near where the Giant’s Rest was. She saw Bailey and called to her, “The Sword!”
Bailey, hearing her mistress’ call, recited the spell of Teleport herself, and soon materialized back in the ruins of the Giant’s building.  Sallisee the Ranger had moved there as well in an effort to cover the retreat, and had spotted a promising looking chest.  She pointed it out to the Apprentice.

The flanking attacks begin!  On the left one of Gru’s minions, as well as Bemis’ warhound and one of Bemis’ soldiers can be seen moving to intercept our unsuspecting warbands.

Everyone was withdrawing now, and it became a race to get away from the four warbands moving in from the sides.    Kinny and Dorchesman were frantically dragging their heavy bejeweled bags back to safety, but it was slow going.   Quail stood there frantically encouraging the others as she slowly moved back to a safer position. Bailey breathed a sigh of relief as she saw Dorchesman and Kinny make it within the ruined walls of the Giant’s Rest, but then Bemis’ dog appeared in a gap in the wall, and leapt at Dorchesman.  The beast only caught his cape but the Treasure Hunter was pulled up short.  Bailey pointed to the chest that held the Archangel Sword, and said to Sally, “Take that out of here! Now!”  The Ranger obeyed, and hefting up the long sword case onto her powerful shoulders, turned and headed back towards the tower.  Bailey, however turned, and drawing her weapons, launched herself at the enemy Warhound.  In one devastating blow she brought the beast down, and Dorchesman gave her a grim smile and a nod of the head, and continued on, desperate to get his prize to safety.  Bailey followed him, and the rest of the band made their way back through the runs as quickly as possible.

The desperate attempt to flee.  Bemis’ hound catches Dorchesman by his cape,  as even more of the other Sigilist’s soldiers come charging in from the left.

Back in the tower, everyone sat around exhausted and stunned.  They had never found themselves in such a situation before, and they felt lucky to have made it back home safely.    Well, most of them anyway.   The warhound Cirvid had recovered from an ill-fated attack on the young Elementalist Apprentice early in the engagement; but Clol the Barbarian was badly wounded from the bolt in his back.  Quail would have to seek out a costly healing potion to get him back on his feet for the next expedition (Buy replacement Barbarian for 100GC.)
They looked over the two bags they had recovered.  Then gems themselves would be worth about 40 GC for each bag.  When they opened them, one held a Grimore of Furious Quill, a spell Quail and Bailey already knew, but a valuable tome nonetheless that they could sell for a nice sum.  The other contained a pair of Gloves of Casting.  Quail held them up in the candle light and admired the fine stitching.   Though they seemed large and bulky, when she slipped them on, they shaped themselves smoothly to her delicate hands. She could feel the magical energy against her skin.  Taking them off again she turned her attention to the case with the Archangel Sword.  Opening it, they all gasped at the beautiful glowing blade inside and the fine carving on the untarnished silver hilt.   It hardly looked like it had sat unattended for a thousand years.   She would have to think about who in the party warranted such a prize.

End result: three treasures recovered, Cirvid and Clol fall during the game.

Later that night, as Quaileyln sat alone in the main hall sipping some tea before bed, she contemplated the fact that her time here in the city would soon be over.  Only two more months.  The University had only granted her, Sir Cardidil, and Bailisette a year away, and that year was almost up.  How quickly the time had passed.  She considered all that had happened to her and her small group.    How much she had learned.   Then the Sigilist’s mind turned to the growing evil that lurked in the ruins.  She was not comfortable knowing it was still out there.  How could she leave knowing it still grew stronger?  Quail hoped the menace would show itself soon, so she could help end whatever hold it had over the frozen city.

Game Epilogue:
     An exciting game!  I knew this game was going to be tough because the set up requires that all the treasures are in one concentrated location.  However, I had no idea the players on each side of me (and the Elementalist player) would silently decide amongst themselves to simply divide up the treasure on their Bones Wheels 50/50 and then come after ours!   In the end, all of them doing it turned out to be the failure of their plan, as I might have tried to hold my ground against one or two of them.  In the end there was no choice for either of us in the center but to hightail it and run.  My only regret was that I was only able to recover two of the Bone Wheel treasures and not my equal share of three.  How those dastardly ducks were able to strip four treasures off that thing so quickly still escapes me.  I’d love to see the video replay! 🙂
It was a very average game otherwise, with the 3 treasures recovered and 8 spells cast.  Quail also earned 20 EP for contacting the Bone Wheel, and 20 EP for killing the Banshee.  Also the rushed retreat of the Elementalist’s and my warbands made for a short 5 turn game.
And a note about the Vampire Blade/Archangel Sword.  When I rolled the Vampire Blade after the game it seemed like a pretty neat magical weapon to have, but I knew, given Quail’s strong dislike for Necromancy and Undead things, that she probably wouldn’t be too keen on keeping such a vile weapon. So, using literary license, and a gamer’s prerogative to tinker, I simply decided to rename the weapon to something with more of a Good alignment; drawing strength from the wicked to heal the just.
We’re all looking forward to next month now.  The big showdown with the LIch Lord should be quite the battle.  Be sure to stay tuned!

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Work Begins on Combat Patrol(TM): Dark Ages


Mockup of new Action Deck cards

I have begun to develop a version of Combat Patrol™ using the GAMER™ engine.  This will be for ancient, mediaeval, pike and shot, and similar periods.  There won’t be huge changes from the WWII version, but the changes will better enable the rules to reflect to differences between modern combat and earlier periods.  I have been tentatively calling this project Combat Patrol™: Dark Ages, but I don’t think that title is inclusive enough.

Development has begun with mocking up a sample Action Deck card.  I will create a couple decks of cards like this for play testing.  Once I am happy with the results, I’ll send the mockups to the artist I use in Canada to build the final cards.  Emmanuel did an excellent job on the original Combat Patrol™: WWII cards and also the South Pacific supplement cards.

Some interesting differences:

  • Melee will likely be the primary mode of combat, rather than firearms, so I will move the melee modifiers from the back of the unit record cards to the Action Deck.  Those are shown in the blue rounded rectangles in the mockup.
  • I am thinking about going with a numerical score for Accuracy as well as Melee.  Your starting point for shooting or Melee will be this number below the target icons.
  • Instead of six “columns” for WWII, I will go with eight or ten “columns” for this game.  These previous three changes are designed to permit “leveling up” of figures between games in a campaign type setting.
  • I THINK that there will be a cover icon on the cards for armor.  If you are hit in an area with armor and the armor icon appears, you are protected.  If you are hit in an area with armor and the armor icon does not appear, you are not protected.
  • There will be an additional icon where the tank hit location used to be that shows a man on a horse.  On about half of them, the man will be highlighted, and on the other half the horse will be highlighted.  This will be used when firing at a mounted figure to determine if the man or horse was hit.
  • Instead of “out of ammunition,” these cards will have a “fumble” result.  This will have results like firearm explodes, bow string breaks, figure falls, drop sword, etc.  If the condition is applicable, that result will apply.  If it is not applicable, it is ignored.  For instance if you get a fumble results that says firearm explodes, but you were attacking with a sword, you ignore the result.
  • I plan to use the concept of reach that was developed for Bear Yourselves Valiantly.

The first historical period to feature these rules will likely be the Border Reiver period.  I am working with Greg Priebe on a Border Reiver campaign system.

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Giant Ticks: Bones 3 Figures

Chris Palmer

     This past week I painted up a pair of the Giant Ticks from the Bones 3, 24 Bonus Figures set, as part of my continuing effort to prepare some of the monsters I’ll need for next year’s Ghost Archipelago campaign.
      I prepped these figures in the usual way; soaking them in a dish of water with a couple drops of dish-soap added, then giving them a light scrub with a soft toothbrush, and then rinsing and drying them.   I then cut down their bases a little, and then glued the ticks to black-primed 7/8" fender washers with Aleene’s Tacky glue; and then glued the washer-mounted figures to a tongue depressor with a couple drops of the Elmer’s glue under each washer.

      I began by painting both figures and their integral bases with Accent “Real Umber”.  After that, I painted their backs with Americana “Leaf Green”.
     When the “Leaf Green” was dry, I over painted it with Folk Art “Metallic Emerald Green”.  Then, when everything had a while to dry I gave both figures a complete coat of Citadel “Nuln Oil” wash".   When the wash was dry, I first highlighted their main bodies with Americana “Mississippi Mud”; then after that, I highlighted their backs with some of the “Metallic Emerald Green” mixed with Ceramcoat “Metallic Silver”.  Lastly, I painted in tiny eyes with some Reaper MSP “Holly Berry”.
     I let the figures dry overnight and the next day I gave them a coat of Americana “DuraClear Matte” varnish.    Then, when  the varnish was dry, I used some white glue to flock their bases.

     Well, they’re not anything special, and I didn’t devote a whole lot of time to them; but I think they will do very nicely as Ghost Archipelago “Jungle Ticks”.

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Fly Demons Painted as Giant Bees: Bones 2 Figures

Chris Palmer

   This past week I painted two of the Fly Demons from the Bones 2 Lesser Demons set, as part of my effort to start assembling the creatures I will need for next year’s Ghost Archipelago Campaign.  The rules’ creature list calls for a couple of Giant Wasps; but not having any giant wasp figures on hand, I figure the Bones Fly Demons I had would fit the bill well enough if I painted them as Giant Bees.
      I prepped these figures in the usual way; soaking them in a dish of water with a couple drops of dish-soap added, then giving them a light scrub with a soft toothbrush, and then rinsing and drying them.   I then did the conversion work, and then glued the figures to black-primed 1" fender washers with Aleene’s Tacky glue, and then glued the washer-mounted figures to a tongue depressor with a couple drops of the Elmer’s glue under each washer.

      I began by painting the bees’ heads, undersides, and alternating stripes on their abdomens using Black.  When the Black was dry, I drybrushed it with Americana “Neutral Grey”.  I then painted the unpainted alternate stripes on their abdomens with Apple Barrel “Yellow”.

      Next, I painted the wings with Americana “Dove Grey”.  Then after everything had a while to dry, I gave their wings and the yellow stripes a wash with some thinned Winsor-Newton “Chestnut Brown” ink.  When the wash was dry,  I painted the top spine of each wing with Black and then painted the veins within each wing using some Accent “Real Umber mixed with Black.

     I then painted the center of each wing panel with the"Dove Grey”, and did highlights on the mouth and tongue(?) with Crafter’s Acrylic “Storm Cloud Grey”.  Next, I repainted the eyes with Black to remove any drybrushing that got on them.   After that, I drybrushed the yellow abdomen stripes with some Crafter’s Acrylic “Daffodil Yellow”, and lastly I did some White highlight dots in the eyes..

     It was now time to work on the base.  First, I drybrushed the the rocky outcroppings with the “Neutral Grey”, and then with some Folk Art “Porcelain White”.  Next, I drybrushed the log with Americana “Raw Umber”, and then with some Americana “Khaki Tan”.  Lastly, I painted the skulls with some Americana “Antique White”, and then drybrushed them with some Crafter’s Acrylic “Light Antique White”.
    I then worked on the bases; drybrushing the stones with  Americana “Zinc”, then Americana “Neutral Grey”, and lastly Folk Art “Porcelain White”.  After that, I drybrushed the log with Americana “Raw Umber”, then some Americana “Mississippi Mud”, and lastly, some Americana “Khaki Tan”.   Finally, I drybrushed the skulls with some Americana “Antique White, and then some of the "Light Antique White”.
      I let the figures dry overnight and the next morning I gave them a coat of Americana “DuraClear Matte” varnish. When that was dry, I flocked their bases. Another overnight dry, and I sprayed them with Testor’s Dullcote".

     I’m generally happy with how these turned out.  I think they made the conversion to giant bees pretty well.

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Campaign Game 9 – The Cauldrons

Don Hogge
Last month we played game 9 of this year’s campaign, the Dark Cauldron scenario from the Thaw of the Lich Lord.  You can find Quail’s report here The Dark Cauldron.

We only had six of our regular players available so that meant there would be three cauldrons along the centerline of the table.

A view of the table

With all the gold earned from the last game, Bemis was able to spruce up his base with a few purchases: a Scriptorium, a Cauldron, and a Celestial Telescope.

One of the three cauldrons
Another view of the table

To my front was my old friend Quail.  Diagonally and to the right was the evil Necromancer Missy and to my immediate right was the Summoner Saffron (He claims the name is really Challara but you know how demon worshipers stretch the truth).  At the far end of the table were Alfred the Unready and the strange yellow wizard creature called Gru.

“Hey boss, looks like everyone is preparing to enter the ruins tomorrow in an attempt to counter the Lich Lord’s activities.  Are we going in too?” asked Nigel.  Bemis looked up thoughtfully from the arcane tome he was reading.  “Yes, I think it is best if we do.  An evil stench is falling over the area.  Get the lads prepared to move out early in the morning.” he replied.

Taking a sip of tea, Bemis pondered the reports he had been hearing.  Random dissappearances, graves being robbed of corpses, and a persistent and reoccurring mist had him worried what it all might mean.  Finishing his tea, he called out to Agarn to join him in the workshop.

The Revealed Secret

Together they sat down and worked on preparing scrolls for the next day.  Things were made easier with the acquisition of his new scriptorium (both successfully cast Write Scroll – Drain Word and Reveal Secret).  The two then moved over to the alchemical work area to try out the new brewing cauldron (Bemis splashed the cash).  They managed to brew up two healing potions (both successfully cast Brew Potion).  After several hours, Bemis finally moved over to try out his new Celestial Telescope to try and gain some insight into the next day’s trip.  However, something was preventing him from focusing into Felstad (failed castings of Reveal Secret).  So he decided to utilize his newly written scroll – Reveal Secret.  The image he received in his mind showed something located in the roots of a haunted tree.  He told Agarn it was his responsibility to find recover the object.  The last thing they did was attempt to summon some familiars but both failed their castings.

Bemis and the Lads

Early the next morning, Bemis and friends move through the ruins towards the sound of some chanting.  Visibility was reduced due to a low hanging mist (16 inch line of sight).  Bemis, detecting some movement nearby, casts Fog to cover his warband.  Nigel, Vale, and 9Toe round a corner and find themselves facing five cultists. 

Nigel casts Fog

And to make matters worst, a zombie climbs out of the cauldron and shambles towards them.
Agarn attmpted to cast Drain Word but really stumbled on the incantation.  He quickly unrolls a scroll to complete the casting – Drain Word – Bone Dart.

The cultists charge.  Nigel finds himself engaged with two of these foul humans, killing one (10 xp for Nigel, 10 xp for the warband) and driving off the other.  Vale finds himself enaged with two cultists as well but isn’t as successful as he incurs a minor wound.  He is then set upon by the zombie which also causes him a wound.

Battle is joined with the cultists

Bemis again decides to cast Fog to cover his group.  Agarn spots something laying in the snow and manages to cast Telekinesis to move it closer.

Bemis moves up for a better look

Nigel fights the cultist again, and after two rounds manages to slay him (10 xp for Nigel, 10 xp for the warband).  Vale is overwhelmed by the zombie and slumps to the ground.  9Toe manages to scoop up a small box laying in the ruins.  As he does so, he hears the moanful howlings of two rangifers off in the distance.  “Hope they are not coming this way” he thinks to himself (Fortunately they appeared near Buck’s warband).  Another zombie crawled out of the cauldron but fortunately moved towards Quail’s warband.

Fog provides cover for Bemis’ warband

Bemis and Agarn both attempt to cast Grenade, both fail.  Nigel, distracted by seeing Vale fall, is badly wounded by a cultist (10 pts of damage).  With a tremedous backswing, he then decapitates the cultist (26 damage) (10 xp for Nigel, 10 xp for the warband).  Bemis is set upon by a zombie and a cultist.  Once again the old wizard demonstrated his martial prowess by slaying them both (20 pts for the warband).

Bemis joins the fight

Meanwhile, over to the left, Diesel Vin decides to teleport to the top of a nearby tower using a Potion of Teleport.  This was probably speeded along by the appearance of a specter nearby.  The specter also enticed Piko into drinking his Potion of Invisibility as he moved over to a small treasure chest.  Kleppo and Shadow gang up on Quail’s dog but only manage to inflict a minor wound.

A spectre and a

Bemis again casts Grenade, successfully this time.  Sadly it failed to cause any damage to Quail’s warband.  Agarn forgo a chance to cast in order to pickup a treasure.

Agarn remembers to pick up the Revealed Secret treasure

Nigel continued his melee with the cultist band killing the last of them with a well placed thrust (10 xp for Nigel, 10 xp for the warband).

Diesel is delighted to see a treasure chest on top of the tower and quickly grabs it.  As he does so, he can here the sound of someone or something climbing up the tower. 

Diesel spies Quail’s xxxx climbing the tower

Piko, seeing the specter past around a corner of some ruins, cancels his invisibility by picking up a treasure.  Kleppo and Shadow manage to take down Quail’s hound.

The spectre drifts around the other side of the ruins

Bemis notices some members of the evil necromancer Missy’s warband maneuvering in his direction.  He attempts to cast Fog but fails.  Where the master failed, the young apprentice succeeds as Agarn manages to cast Fog to provide some cover. from Missy’s minions.

Nigel engages Quail’s Man-at-Arms on the sled

 Nigel moves up to the sled to engage Quail’s man-at-arms, assisted by 9Toe.  As he does so, he momentarily sees a bright light appear before his eyes.  But is quickly fades away (Quail’s apprentice Bailey attempted to cast Blinding Light but failed).  Slightly enraged, Nigel quickly launches a series of sword blows which end with Bailey’s man-at-arms lying on the icy ground beside the sled (10 xp for Nigel).  “The sled is ours. Now to get it out of here.”

The sled is ours….

Diesel finds himself faced by Quail’s thief as Quail herself teleports to the top of the tower.  “This isn’t going to end well for me” ran through Diesel’s mind as he engaged Quail’s thief.  Piko, with a treasure tucked into his backpack decides to head to the rendezvous point.  Shadow finds himself skewered by a crossbow bolt and slumps to the ground unconscious.  Kleppo, decides to back away, and moves towards Agarn’s location.

As Agarn is trying to extract himself from the ruins with his treasure, he is attacked by a random skeleton.  Agarn manages to fight him off but notices a specter heading his way as well as Quail’s barbarian who somehow managed to infiltrate behind Bemis’ warband. “Help Bemis Help” he yelled.

Bemis looks around when he hears Agarn’s plea.  He doesn’t see Agarn, but he does notice several crossbowmen from the evil Missy’s warband moving into firing position.  He attempts to cast Fog again to cover his men.  He stumbles over the incantation but forces himself to properly complete the spell.  He slumps to one knee with the effort, requiring 9Toe’s assistance to stand (pushed the spell for 9 pts).  Nigel and 9Toe then prepare to tow the sled and cauldron out of the ruins.

After game photo op

Will Diesel survive the encounter with Quail and her thief?  Will Agarn escape the triple threat of the specter, skeleton, and Quail’s barbarian? 

I’d like to be able to conclude the story but this is where the game ended as Alfred the Unready’s warband left the ruins.  It did not look good for Diesel and Agarn but luckily for them, they survived with their two treasures – much to Quail’s chagrin.  But it did seem like a hollow victory due to the unfinished nature of how it played out.  But, a treasure is a treasure and Agarn surivived to boast how he evaded all three of his opponents.  Diesel just thanked his lucky dwarven star that he did not actually have to fight Quail in hand-to-hand.

Other than the feeling of “unfinished business”, it turned out to be a great outing for Bemis as his warband managed to recover 5 treasures.  The treasure was 3 scrolls, 3 potions, 2 grimoires, Gloves of Strength and 530 gold (68 gold was paid to Nigel).  Bemis earned 370 experience and Nigel earned 50 experience. 

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Undying Lords: Elves, Dwarves, and Halflings Group Photo

Chris Palmer

  Last week when I posted my completed Halfling Rogues from the Bones 3 Undying Lord set, one of my readers suggested that I post a group photo of all three of the Undying Lords pairs I had painted these past three weeks: Halflings, Dwarves, and Elves.
  I thought it was a great idea, so here it is.  This gives you a better idea of the comparitve size of the three types of figures.

 I also thought to take a group shot with one of the Human skeletons from the Bones 2 Shambling Dead set to give an idea of how they stack up against a regular man-sized figure.

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