The Day After Barrage


Barrage was a great success, but on Sunday I was pretty tired and couldn’t really get motivated to do any of the other stuff I needed to get done, so like any good war gamer, I painted.

A full platoon of Pig Iron “serious” science fiction figures.

I have already painted one platoon of Pig Iron figures.  I really like them.  I bought an enemy platoon.  They have been assembled, filed, primed, based, and awaiting paint for some months.  I figured they would be quick and easy to paint, since I didn’t plan to paint them in any elaborate camouflage patterns, just territorial beige.

The three rifle squads

I organized my platoon into three rifle squads a heavy weapon squad, and a couple of extra teams.

The left half of the rifle squad picture, showing the B teams.

The right half of the rifle squads showing the A teams.

An anti-tank section with a section leader.

The heavy weapons squad. One team has a light machine-gun and a flamer. The other team has a heavy machine-gun and a light machine-gun.

The sniper team attached to the platoon headquarters.

The platoon headquarters with the platoon leader, platoon sergeant, and radio operator.

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  1. It’s called territorial beige from Apple Barrel. The craft stores don’t seem to carry it reliably. Since it is my go-to color for a lot of things (e.g., American uniforms in WWII, khaki for British colonial troops), I often order it directly from the company. Those figures were primed black, then received a heavy dry brush of dark brown, and a final dry brush of territorial beige. Once that dried, I was able to paint the details of the visors, little lights, and weapons.

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