Mad Maximillian, Gaslands, and Car Racing


The “Green Death” is from Eureka Miniatures.

Zeb Cook and I are planning to run a car race game on Sunday at Cold Wars in a couple of weeks.  Months ago I got my hands on the Pulp 1930’s race cars from Eureka Miniatures, and Zeb did as well.  So we thought that a short game on Sunday morning would be fun.

The +/- PI car is also from Eureka Miniatures.

I saw a video play through of Gaslands and ordered the rules.  They weren’t supposed to have arrived until a day or two prior to Cold Wars, but they arrived this week with all the plastic templates, skid dice, and markers.  This weekend, after our monthly Ghost Archipelago game, I put a couple of cars on the table to try to figure out how the rules worked.

This is the Number 9 car from Eureka Miniatures. I think this one is called Mad Maximillian in their catalog.

The game is pretty fun.  It’s not awesome, but it is a light game that will work great on a convention Sunday, like chariot races.

The Number 3 car was very painful to paint. Yellow is very hard.

This provided the impetus for me to finish these cards that have been base sprayed for a couple of months and have been sitting on my painting table taunting me.

The Number 12 car started as a $5 car from the grocery store checkout stand.

I have four of the Eureka cars (which is all they make, I think), but I felt like I needed more of them, so I tried to make one from the cheap cars often found at the supermarket checkout line.  They are slightly out of scale, but I think they look pretty good next to the Eureka ones.  I used some Dixson seated gangster to drive.  I have a few guns and plan to make one or two more before Cold Wars if I can, but I am running out of time.  Thankfully Zeb has four as well, so we have enough for the convention.

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  1. Those look great, Buck! Hope I can make it to Cold Wars and get into this game. The Sunday morning HAWKs games are right up my alley!

  2. Great work, reminds me of the old Wacky Racers on Saturday morning. The Green Death…that’s what we used to call Hofenreffer, a vilish cheap malt liquor that was a fave back in the old Fitchburg days. Your car is much better. The yellow is very impressive! Love the “pi” number too!

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