Nurses and British Ladies


Despite a fair amount of time on the road lately for work, I managed to finish a few figures.  The first four were newly released American nurses for WWII.  I intend to work these into my Combat Patrol™: WWII Philippines 1941 games at Cold Wars next weekend.  The figures come with two bases, these clear ones and ones in MDF that are etched with a wooden floor pattern.

In a previous post, I showed some other figures from Bad Squiddo.  Those were of the British Women’s Land Army that I will use in some Sea Lion type games.  Also in that line are these two packs of figures.  This first pack if Women’s Home Defense (unarmed).

The second pack is Women’s Home Defense (attacking).  I love these figures, particularly the lady in the striped dress with a kitchen knife tied to a broom handle.  I also really like the one with the souvenir Assegai.

Some weeks ago, Ma’k Morin pointed out this duck idol.  Anyone who reads this blog knows that I have a weak spot for ducks, so I had to order it.

Now I need to pack for six games at Cold Wars, so no more painting this weekend!

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