Friday at Cold Wars in the HAWKs Room

Chris Palmer     Here’s a collection of photos from Friday at Cold Wars in Lancaster, PA, in the HAWKs Room.

An overview of the room midday Friday.

Greg Priebe’s Wasteland 101 game, using “This is Not a Test” rules

Buck Surdu’s  Hold as Long as Possible WWII skrimish game, using “Combat Patrol” rules

Japanese forces maneuver through the jungle.

An evening view of the room.

Don Hogge’s Exploring the Dark Continent game, using CONGO rules.

Native forces advance.

Greg Priebe’s Star Wars Combat Patrol game, using “Combat Patrol” rules with the Star Wars supplement

Rebel forces guard a jungle base.

Geoff Graff’s Eutaw Springs game, using Home Rules.

Eric Schlegel’s The Rebs Come to Schlegel’s Ferry game, using “GASLIGHT” rules.

Zeb Cook’s Assault on Kollaa game using “Combat Patrol” rules.

Fierce hand-to-hand combat in the snowy woods between Russians and Finns.

Dave Wood’s Battle at Duivelskloof game, using “Combat Patrol” rules with the Colonial Wars supplement.

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