St. Mere Eglise Battle (part 2)


A couple of posts below you will see part one of a battle report that Brian Ivers sent to me with permission to post it here.  This article is part two.

Pvt Anderson signals the approach of Armor coming down the Cherbourg road. Mad Mike informs Buck, who warns his teams to hold their fire.  There are 4 Hawkins mines on the road waiting for the German column.  (The identification of the tank is usually hit or miss, as the actual vehicle is a Stug.   It leads a column of two along with a Panzer IV and two Hanomag halftracks.)

The table with all the various play aids, including Action Decks, the Activation Deck, and small rubber bands to use as markers during the game.

As the enemy draws closer, the type of vehicle is confirmed. The yellow dice represents the number of Hawkins mines on the road, the medallion on the road is the mine field.

An explosion beneath the Stug’s left track rocks the tank, wounding the driver and stunning the rest of the crew who bail out.

The supporting German infantry fires into the hedges without effect. Hauptman, Ernst Flick, orders his Grenadiers to flank right and calls up the second.

Mad Mike opens fire with his support team and sends a principle direction of fire down the hedge. The green dice represents morale hits on the team leader.

Buck decides to charge down the road as he knows he can flank the Germans next to the field and he has support, by fire, from Mike.

A Stug begins to spray death into the Hedgerow in front of Mike, so he pops smoke. Buck continues his charge.  The church signals friendly armor coming from the beach road.  Buck can’t see it, but Mad Mike swears and crosses himself in thanks.  Corporal Cromer tells the Sgt in the Stuart where the trouble is, and the Stuart heads to the city square.  A very nice Sherman follows close behind.

It’s getting nasty at the cross roads. Everything the platoon has left is committed.

The Stuart rolls into the square and positions itself behind a sand bagged position.

There is a mortar team in the M-3 Half track that unloads into the sand bagged position. The Sherman is waived over to the left flank where a MkIV has been spotted.

The German commander feels like he is getting the upper hand and wants Lt. Heinrich Schmutz to push.

Meanwhile a column of armor approaches from the South: a Puma, a MkIV, and a truck full of infantry. The Puma fires at the Stuarts rear without effect.

The Sherman wheels around and fires at the Puma, engulfing it in flames as the crew bails out.

The Hanomag pushes across and is missed by the bazooka team trying reaction fire.  A .30 cal opens fire from the 2nd floor of the house to the left and almost wipes out the supporting infantry team.

The MkIV sees the Sherman rounding the corner and fires, missing it.  The Sherman returns fire, and Sgt Oddball scores a hit.  The Mk IV loses its right track and is immobile.  The crew doesn’t bail, but they are stunned.

The Mk IV, seeing the Puma disappear in smoke and fire, steps on the gas to come upon its right side.  The Sherman pushes forward to get a better view of the road.

The Stug in the meadow supported by the Hanomag is causing a lot of tactical issues for Buck and Mike.  Finding that the newly arrived Mortar team was up, Mike uses colorful language towards his runner, who advises the Mortar team to barrage the meadow to Mike’s front.  The sweet sound of outgoing mortars punctuates the air as Mike and his team hit the deck.

The template covers the Hanomag and the Stug.  In Combat Patrol™, indirect fire lands on the Reroll and Reshuffle card. 1 dead, 2 wounded, and a burning halftrack.  The Stug is stunned.

Buck’s charge kills and wounds the Panzer Grenadiers who are in panic and are pinned as displayed by the black dice.  That was the last straw for Strasser.  He formalizes a retreat, which was already in progress.

The Airborne troopers held.  Buck lost 9 men KIA, 12 wounded.  The Germans lost 18 KIA over 20 wounded, 1 Mk IV, 1 Stug, 1 Hanomag, and 1 Puma.

The object of this game is fun.  There are role play elements added.  The most important thing is the Random Events table and interaction between teams and players.  [I posted Brian’s Random Events tale on Combat Patrol™ Yahoo group.]  At any time, the Airborne troopers could pull back and hit again.  If allowed to do this, they can play for tactical advantage and usually beat their opponent.  Combat Patrol™ is very good and allows for large scale battles even with vehicles.  We had up to 4 players on the allied side and I played the Game Master and Germans.  This scenario was played over three nights, seven hours total playing time.

I hope you enjoyed this After-Action report.

Brian Ivers

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