Dwarf Frostgrave Crew

Chris Palmer

    It was a super busy week, so I didn’t get much painting done; therefore, I decided to take a couple photos to share with you all of the current state of my all-Dwarf Frostgrave warband.  I am currently missing one Thug; and I’d like to eventually replace the second crossbow figure, who is actually made up of some GW parts, and some from the Frostgrave plastic soldier set. Otherwise, they’re all Bones figures.
   I should be back next Monday with a new figure to post.

Front row:  Wizard, Apprentice, Templar, Crossbow, Corssbow.  Back row: Thief, Thief, Thief, Thug. 

A closeup of the Wizard, Apprentice, Templar, and two of the Thieves.

The third Thief, two Crossbows, and a Thug.

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