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Project Avalanche!

Chris Palmer

   I wasn’t able to get a figure completed this week, as I found myself a bit buried in a number of different projects.
    A couple weeks ago, I recived my shipment from Secret Weapon’s “Tablescape Dungeons: Mines” Kickstarter, and as rain and  humidity cooperated, I got them all spray primed.  This past week, I have been giving them their initial drybrush of Base Grey.  I’m using Dwarven Forge paints, based on their “How to Paint Dungeon Tiles tutorial, so hopefully they’ll fit in a little better with my existing DF stuff.

   At the same time, I got a box of Perry’s plastic War of the Roses troops, and since I got back from Historicon I have been busy assembling them in preparation for priming and painting; because (fool that I am!) I signed up to run a game with them at our club’s regional con, BARRAGE, in two months!   So 40 of them need to get painted in 60 days!

   Even with these projects going on, I have been duly working on my next Bones post, having made good headway on my next figure, Ingrid, Female Viking; from the Bones 2, Heroes I set.

     I also got Goremaw, from Bones 3 Optional Rewards all washed, assembled, based, and ready to go.  I even got a first coat of purple slapped on him.   

      So I’m going to head back to the paint table now, and I will see you next Monday with my finished (finders crossed!) Ingrid!

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Ghost Archipelago Campaign Game 6: The Blood Totems

Don Hogge

A late report…..

A few weekends ago we got together for the sixth game in our Ghost Archipelago campaign.  We had  7 of our regular 8 players.  The scenario was the Blood Totems from the GA rulebook.  Skorri ended up surrounded by four other Heritors: to the left was Griffin (Skorri’s arch enemy from early in the campaign), to the right was Kragmar, to the left front was Fortrywn (a noble adversary) and to the right front was Gregorious.

Skorri started the game with a new Heritor ability, Intuition, and Agger started with a new Warden spell, Beast Strength.

You can read Fortrywn’s report here:  The Blood Totems

A view of the table

The Story
As Skorri paced back and forth on the deck of his ship, Raven’s Beak, Kukala approached and said “We’ve spotted the island, right where the old crone said it would be."  Skorri grunted to himself, "That was money well spent – hopefully. This island doesn’t appear on any of the known navigation charts. It remains to  be seen if the rest of her tale is true – ancient totems surrounded by loot.”

Skorri bellowed to the crew, “Prepare to go ashore.”

After a short paddle through a mild surf, Skorri and crew found themselves on a narrow stretch of sand.  The jungle came almost all the way to the water’s edge.  As soon as the crew entered he jungle, it was like being smacked in the face with a warm towel.  Not to mention the musty decaying smell of he vegetation.  Skorri told Kukala (Hunter) to lead the way as the crew slowly picked its way through the undergrowth.

Another view of the table

After an hour or so of pushing through the jungle, they came to an area criss-crossed by several low ridges.  Stopping to survey the area, Skorri and crew noticed several totems or idols scattered throughout the area.  They were overgrown and seemed to exude a faint hum of power.

Skorri moves forward toward the nearest totem.  As he got closer he feel a slight tingling of his blood.  Additionally he noticed a small stone set in the ground immediately in front of the totem.  Feeling uncomfortable and wanting to move away as quickly as possible, Skorri Surges to move the stone.  As he does so, he is hit with a blood burn of twice the normal intensity (Successful use of the Surge ability, takes extra damage due to the totem’s negative effect).  He struggles with the stone for a moment before managing to pry it up (succeeds with his Will roll against the totem), revealing a small treasure chest.  In an attempt to escape further pain, Skorri moves towards a nearby ridge.  As he climbs up, he sees a monkey totem hidden in a small copse of trees.  Blue Boy moves forward behind Skorri and retrieves the uncovered treasure.  He then heads towards the beach with the treasure safely tucked into his backpack.

Blue Boy recovers a treasure

Agger decides to Summon Animal to hinder the other Heritors and detects the approach of a large snake.  He mentally vectors it to seek out and attack Herndon’s crew.

Taucher has also spotted a totem.  He moves up a small hill to check it out followed by Hat Chet.  The rest of the crew all move forward looking for more totems.  Hopefully they are all guarding treasures.

Skorri and Chu Wat recover a treasure

Skorri makes it to the top of the hill.  As he nears the monkey totem, he again feels a tingling sensation.  He decides not to use one of his abilities as he reaches down and grabs hold of the stone in front of the totem.  This time the stone easily moves aside revealing another small chest (successfully engages the totem with his Will).  Chu Wat following his boss, reaches down and picks up the treasure.  Out of the corner of his eye, Skorri spots movement in the brush off to his left.  He points out the opposing crew to his young Warden.  Looking in the direction indicated by Skorri, Agger identifies Fortrywn’s crew.  Remembering the kerfuffle from the last excursion, Agger anticipates some trouble.  He quickly Envenoms one of Skorri’s arrows as the clouds begin to thicken (One of the other Wardens cast Call Storm).

After carefully checking out the totem, Taucher grabs a tree limb and uses it to pry up the stone foot piece (successfully uses his Will against the totem).  While Hat Chet recovers the revealed treasure.  Wu also manages to overcome a totem with his Will.  Yen Lo picks up the treasure.

Taucher and Hat Chet near a totem

Across the jungle, Herndon’s Tomb Raider sees the large snake and moves to attack it.  Bobbing and weaving, the snake avoids the sword thrust, striking him on the arm.  The large snake then follows up with a lightning quick lunge at the Tomb Raider, its fangs sinking deep into his neck.  The shock from the strike and the effects of the poison takes the Tomb Raider out of action.  As he slumps to the ground, the large snake surveyed around for his next victim.  But before he can react, he is shot down by several archers.

Skorri’s crew heading towards a totem

As he turns to move down the ridge with the treasure, Chu Wat just barely dodges an arrow from Fortrywn’s archer.  Skorri spotted the archers shot.  With a single fluid motion, he unshoulders his bow, notches an arrow, and snaps fires back at him.  His arrow is hindered somewhat by his target’s leather jerkin but the arrow embeds itself with minor damage.  However, the poison starts to takes affect immediately and the archer doubles over in pain.  “That’ll teach the cheeky fellow” he thinks as Skorri glares at Fortrywn’s archer, daring him to make a threatening move.  After a few moments the archer decides its better to run away and live another day.  After the near miss, Chu Wat also decides to quickly run out of the enemy archer’s line of sight. 

Fortrywn’s crew

Agger, detecting that his summoned snake has died, quickly casts Summon Animal again.  This time a slow moving snapping turtle heeds the call.  With a chuckle, Agger once again directs the animal towards Herndon’s crew.  The snapping turtle withstands three volleys of arrow, each one bouncing off its tough shell.

Taucher spots two skeletons heading toward him and Hat Chet.  He moves forwards to engage them both to protect the treasure.  He skillfully fights them both but no one takes any damage.
Kukala has spotted one of Gregorious’ thieving crew dragging a chest through the jungle.  He waves at Agger to get his attention.  Agger understands his intention and casts Envenom on one of arrows.  Kukala takes careful aim and releases his arrow.  The arrow flies straight and true….and then strikes a tree limb.  The crewman vanishes from sight as Amrod tried to get a shot off as well.

Kukala and Amrod take shots at Gregorious’ crew

Taucher was still engaged with the two skeletons.  Suddenly he started to jump around, slapping at his armor.  It seems a bumble bee got inside his leather jerkin.  While he was distracted, the two skeletons whacked him on both sides of his head at the same time.  He immediately forgot about the bee as he crumpled to ground.  When he recovered (slung over Wu’s shoulder), besides the two bumps on his head, he had 4 or 5 bee stings.  The crew won’t let him forget this incident for some time.

Taucher fighting two skeletons – Spoiler Alert – He loses…..

Determining that Fortrywn and his crew are not a threat, Skorri looks around to assess the status of his crew.  Several crew members are hurrying back toward the beach carrying treasure.  He then spies Taucher being unceremoniously taken down by the two skeletons.  Skorri charges into contact.  The slow lumbering movements of his opponents allows him to easily beat one of them into a pile of bones.  Pumped up and little peeved at Taucher being being bested, his blood boils a bit as he Backswings at the remaining skeleton.  Its head flies off into the jungle.  The headless skeleton stands there for a couple seconds before falling to the ground.  Sensing Skorri using his abilities once again, Agger cast Water of Life on him to heal the damage caused by using his Heritor abilities.

Skorri takes down two skeletons

Skorri sounds recall and notices his crew starting to head towards the beach.  Wu stops to sling Taucher over his shoulder.  Sensing that the snapping turtle has met its fate, Agger can’t resist casting Summon Animal one more time.  As he hears the buzzing of a giant wasp, he giggles as he sends his pet towards Herndon’s crew one more time.

Skorri waits until the last of crew has withdrawn before he fades into the jungle.  Another successful foray to one of the Ghost Archipelago islands results in four treasures recovered (one of them was the central treasure).

The crew and its booty

A very successful game but little action the part of Skorri’s crew.  Even though he was surrounded by four opposing Heritors, there was never any danger to his crew.  Except for the action with Fortrywn’s archer – but that was really no danger :-).  If it hadn’t been for the skeletons, Skorri may have fallen asleep.

The recovery of the four treasures resulted in 240 gold coins.  With the existing gold in Skorri’s treasury, a quick return trip to port might be in order to replace the archer he loss a couple expeditions ago.

I will just barely get this report posted before our next campaign game which is just 2 days away.

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The BARRAGE ’18 Webpage is Up and Running!

Chris Palmer    The HAWKs’ have launched the BARRAGE ‘18 Webpage today!  Time to register to run a game or two, or just come to play.

   For those who have never been, Barrage is a low-stress event, focusing on having fun with miniatures games of many different genres, scales, and sets of rules.  In the past the con has had a half dozen dealers, a few flea market tables, as many as 200 attendees, and thirty or more miniatures games. 
   To learn more, be sure to visit the BARRAGE Webpage: BARRAGE ’18

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Fiara, Elf Heroine: Bones 3 Figure

Chris Palmer

     This past week I painted Fiara, Elf Heroine, from the Bones 3 Core Set, to be a member of my Ghost Archipelago crew.  (I seem to lose a lot of crew on my expeditions! 🙂   ) 
      I prepped this figure in the usual way; soaking the parts in a dish of water with a couple drops of dish-soap added, then giving it a light scrub with a soft toothbrush, and then rinsing and drying it.  When dry, I glued the figure to a black-primed 1" fender washer with Aleene’s Tacky glue. I then placed the figure in my painting grip.

     I began by painting the face and hands with Crafter’s Acrylic “Flesh”, and then the pants with Crafter’s Acrylic “Citrus Green”.  Next, I painted the tunic with Crafter’s Acrylic “Dark Turquoise”, and then the belt, boots, and shoulder and forearm guards all with Americana “Terra Cotta”.

     I then painted her hair with Crafter’s Edition “Spice Brown”, and then the grips on the sword with Folk Art “Teddy Bear Brown”.  Next, I painted stripes on the pants with Apple Barrel “Yellow”, and then painted the decorations on the coat, as well as the center of the stripes I had just painted, with Crafter’s Acrylic “Daffodil Yellow”.  After that, I painted her sash with Crafter’s Acrylic “Tropical Blue”, and the sword blade with Americana “Zinc”.

      Next, I went back and overpainted the sash with Folk Art Color Shift “Blue Flash”.  After everything had time to dry, I gave her face and hands a wash of Citadel “Reikland Fleshshade” wash.   When that wash was dry, I then gave a wash to he rest of her with Citadel “Agrax Earthshade” wash.  When the washes were dry, I painted her eyes, and highlighted her face.  I then highlighted her hair; using first, Americana “Sable Brown”, then Folk Art “Butter Pecan”, and lastly, some of the “Butter Pecan” mixed with “Americana "Bleached Sand”.

      When, I was done with her face, hair and hands, I started work on her clothes.  First, I highlighted her pants using the base “Citrus Green”; and then highlighted the stripes, and the decorations on her tunic with the base “Daffodil Yellow”.  I then highlighted her tunic with the base “Dark Turquoise”, and then did lighter highlights on the jacket by mixing the “Dark Turquoise” with some Folk Art “Celadon Green”.  Next, I highlighted all the leather: boots, armor, belts, forearm guards; all with a mix of Accent “Golden Oxide” and Ceramcoat “Maple Sugar Tan”.  After that, I highlighted the sword grips with some of the “Sable Brown” I had used on the hair.  I then highlighted the sash, using a mix of the base “Blue Flash”, and some Folk Art Pearl “Aqua Moire”.     Next, I went back and went over the sword blade again with Folk Art Metallics “Gunmetal Grey”, and then highlighted it with Ceramcoat “Metallic Silver”.   I then finished up by doing the beads in her hair with different metallics.
     Lastly, I painted the figure’s integral base with the “Bittersweet Chocolate”.
     I let the figure dry overnight and the next day I gave it a coat of Americana “DuraClear Matte” varnish.    Then, when  the varnish was dry, I used some white glue to flock the base.  Another overnight dry, and I sprayed it with Testor’s Dullcote".

     I’m generally happy with the figure, and I think her outfit turned out looking really nice; though in the end I’m a bit disappointed in her face, as she just kind of looks stunned on despondent, not heroic or pensive, or determined.  I don’t know if that’s the sculpt or just the way the paint fell, or both.

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Reaper “Finaela, 1/2 Elf Pirate” Figure Painted for Ghost Archipelago

Chris Palmer   This past week I painted the Reaper metal figure, “Finaela, ½ Elf Pirate”.  While I usually paint their Bones figures, it was a nice change of pace to paint one of their metal ones.   While she will probably see more immediate use in Ghost Archipelago, I have a long term plan to eventually do a Fantasy Tavern Battle with “Blood & Swash”.


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Duncan’s Napoleonic Game with Combat Patrol at Historicon 2018


From Duncan Adams:

[Here are two long shots of the table to help provide context for Duncan’s narrative.]

“On Friday afternoon I ran ‘Welcome to Sunny Spain,’ a Peninsular War convoy ambush using Combat Patrol: Napoleonic Supplement.
“The game starts with the French convoy warily entering the town. Bill Mollineaux had the lead infantry, a new player (forgot his name:( ) had the cavalry, and Robert, who played Dave’s Zulu game and wanted more CP, played the infantry in the rear. There was a guerillo band, divided into three groups of six, controlled by Jeff Kimmel of the Rogues, a platoon of Cacadores (2 sections of 8) controlled by Terry (one of my groupies) blocking the road ahead, and a platoon of Portuguese light infantry (2 sections of 8), controlled by Mike waiting to close in behind the convoy after the trap was sprung.
“Things were quiet until the Guerillos card came up, then the French forward contingent moves out to clear the way.
“The new player, due to his inexperience, thought that this six man cavalry troop could clear eight elite cacadores out of the woods by charging them. It didn’t work very well.
“Bill brought up his infantry platoon to try and clear the way ahead by defeating Terry’s cacadores. He was repeatedly undone by morale checks that went very badly for him while Terry’s had minimal effect.
“Meanwhile, Robert’s French infantry was using superior numbers to get the better of Mike’s Portuguese at the rear of the column, while sending a section to clear some buildings of guerillos.
“In desperation, hoping to finally put a bad morale result on Terry, Bill sent the French commander charged the woods.
“Despite having impetus and a better M value Bill lost the fight.
“Though at the end the French had just about won the rear and center fights, the cacadores were holding strong and it was far from certain that the whole remaining French could have driven them off over time. So we called it an Allied victory. Everybody seemed to have a good time.”

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Duncan’s Zorro Game at Historicon 2018


From Duncan Adams:
“On Sunday morning I ran “Zorro and the Dastardly Plot.”  I had seven players, so one played the tavern staff. I actually prefer that because the staff can do more interesting things under player control than I can do as the GM. Tom Veilott and his dad Jim Veil, a dad with a son and daughter, Joe Procopio and a friend of his were the players.
“This was a Blood and Swash scenario with the usual overlapping objectives, but most players wanted to get the treasure of kill Zorro. But first, Bernardo had to discover the villains’ plans and report to Zorro.  [If you are a fan of the Disney show like Duncan and me, you know that Bernardo pretends to be deaf.]
“Bernardo innocently loiters near the room where the baddies meet.
“But having overheard their plans, he cannot get past them to use the stairs.
“So, in a scene that reminded me of Yoda doing cartwheels with his lightsaber, Bernardo jumped off the balcony onto the bar.
“While the villains put their plans in motion, and Don Alejandro and the tavern staff mix it up with El Comandante, Zorro emerges from the tavern cellar to put things right.
“He is immediately accosted by Sgt Garcia and lancer Perez who want the reward for his capture. Why don’t they ever get him from opposite directions?
“Zorro breaks away from Garcia and Perez – making both saves – and attempts to get through the baddies at the foot of the stairs. Garcia rejoins the fight – now he’s getting somewhere, coming in from behind!
“Zorro was played by Tom Veilott who has been playing Blood and Swash as long as any of us. He knows that staying in a fight to avoid the free hit when there are objectives to reach is a sucker bet. So, Zorro breaks away from three attackers, making two full and one half saves and runs up the banister, making another save. I can just picture Guy Williams doing this.
“On the balcony, Zorro finds more baddies, and those from the bottom of the stairs have followed him. This is getting ugly.
“Meanwhile, in the tavern, Teo the bartender has picked up a bench and is bludgeoning one of El Commandante’s lancers.
“After turning the tables on a minion who tried to push him off the balcony, Zorro has made it into the room with the villains’ ill gotten gains. However, the numbers are catching up to him – too many enemies, too few activations.
“In the end it was to much for Zorro to endure. Better luck at FALL IN!”
This looked like a good game with all the usual Blood and Swash hilarity.

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Science Fiction Transports from Things From the Basement


Two science fiction transports from Things From the Basement

These are two more items I purchased in the dealer hall at Historicon last weekend.  These are MDF vehicles.  They assembled very easily.  I have spray primed them with Army Painter Angel Green.  When the weather is good, I’ll break out the air brush and give them a nice camouflage pattern.

Pig Iron troops in front of the open-topped transport

Some Pig Iron troops in front of the armored transport

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Some Stuff I Got at Historicon


Rust scatter terrain from Impudent Mortal.

The other side of the Rust scatter terrain from Impudent Mortal.

In the Historicon dealer hall, there was a vendor called Impudent Mortal.  I have purchased things from them before.  The Rust line included MDF buildings and terrain pieces that come with photo textured, self adhesive covers.  I picked up this set of terrain pieces from them and assembled them yesterday and today.

Some sort of generator thingy from Things from the Basement

Another outfit I like is Things from the Basement.  Their MDF products are very reasonably priced, and they are very creative.  I saw this piece and had to have it.

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Historicon 2018 HAWks Room Photos

Chris Palmer    I was only able to get up to the Historicon miniatures gaming convention for a short while on Friday to visit the HAWKs room and get some shots, and was selling in the Historicon Flea Market all day Saturday.  I was able to squeeze in running a game in the HAWKs room on Saturday night, so got some photos then as well.  Even though I was only there for a short while, I had a great time at the con.
  For photos of my game, see: The Dwarven Loot Train

The HAWKs room was already hopping when I got there Friday morning.

First stop for me was the Dealer Hall.  The facelift on the tennis barn is really starting to look nice.

One of several Sea Lion games run by Buck Surdu and Greg Priebe, using “Combat Patrol” rules.

Dave Wood’s “Bear Yourselves Valiantly” Fantasy game, using his collection of beautiful old school 25mm figures 

Don Hogge’s “Congo” game

James “Tank” Nickle’s popular train heist game. 

Duncan Adams’ Peninsular Napoleonics game using “Combat Patrol: Napoleonics”

Another of Buck and Greg’s Sea Lion games.

Pz38ts storm the beaches of  Little Basely by the Sea during Sea Lion.

Harry Kogelshatz brought back his ever popular large scale “Aliens” game

Using action figures for “Aliens”

Geoff Graff’s Plastic Pirates Lego game, is a perennial favorite with the kids

David Schlegel’s Fantasy game using “Bear Yourselves Valiantly” rules.

Dave Wood’s Zulu game using Combat Patrol: Colonials

Duncan Adams’ helmed this year’s Armies for Kids game.

Some of the armies the kids got to take home with them in this year’s Armies for Kids game.

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