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This weekend we had a small play test of a scenario I am going to run at Fall In with Greg Priebe using To Be Continued… by GASLIGHT.  The scenario involves six groups of US soldiers advancing into a secret Nazi laboratory where the mad scientists are experimenting with creating creatures to help with the war effort.  These include giant ants, a giant crab, and other baddies. Also in the lab is a brilliant allied scientist who you can see in the picture above.

Each player had a team of six soldiers armed with a submachine gun, BAR, and four rifles.  The Americans were competing to be the first to get a scientific device or other information out of the laboratory.  They had cards they could plan on each other to lay German patrols or giant ants on the other players.

The Germans and ants got tougher the closer they got to the laboratory.  In the picture above, a gelatin creature engages in hand to hand combat with three Americans.

The giant crab was a difficult opponent, killing one or two soldiers, but eventually the American firepower prevailed.

An overview of the table before the action kicked off.  The caverns are from

Of the four players who started the game, two were wiped out, and two other players each got off the table with one scientific device.  This is meant to be a six-player game, so with the added firepower, American casualties should be lower.

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  1. You and I have discussed THEM! In the past, so nice to see the concept you have put together with Greg. I like that you got your tentacles out too. I really found this fun Buck. Just wondering if it would be possible for you to get larger photos with better resolution? Maybe it was the light, and maybe it’s my ever aging eyes, but you have scenes worthy of great resolution (and bigger). In any case, it looks like a fantastic game. Kudos!

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