Rooman Reinforcements are Coming


Back in the good old days, Ral Partha made ONE set of figures, called Roomans.  These were anthropomorphized kangaroos with spears and shields.  For some reason, the quirkiness of them always appeared to me, and whenever I found a pack in a bin, I would pick it up.  Over time, I amassed a pretty sizable collection of them.  We have just learned that the current owner of the molds is fixing up the master and is getting ready to re-release them.  I also hope that means that new poses will be coming soon.  You can click these images to enlarge them.

A Rooman phalanx lead by my airborne-qualified Rooman commander

Rooman swordsmen

Rooman Gatling Gun crew with musketeers

Rooman crossbowmen

I am excited to hear these will be available soon, and I hope this means that additional poses and weapons will be available soon as well.

from Buck’s Blog
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  1. Man I love those. Your airborne Rooman single-handedly sent me on my 33 year search for more Roomans. Nice to see that old friend – have not seen it since 1983 or 1984.

    I missed your Gatling gun and musket armed Roman’s before?

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