Barrage 2018 is TODAY


Don’t let the rain keep you away from Barrage 2018.  Barrage runs today (at noon) until 2000 tomorrow, Saturday.  Don’t miss the best two days of gaming you’ll experience for a long time.

See for more information, directions, lists of games, etc.

You could lament the rain, or you could come to Barrage 2018.  We have spacious, free, paved parking right next to the convention venue.  You’ll barely get your feet wet.  And it is easy to carry your loot from the deals and flea markets to your car and come back for more!

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  1. This looks great and so do your posts, by the way. I just read one from August about a German beach landing being held back for a bit by the Home Guard (Ever seen Dad’s Army”?) I was really impressed by the table and the quality of the photos in the post. To say the least I am inspired and thank you for that. I have a few wargaming posts on my page and will be posting more if you are interested. I intend to put Barrage 2019 on my calendar as soon as I know the date. And, in parting, let it be known that even though I live in North Carolina I am a Terrapin fan for life (But not the Ravens, Go Panthers.).

  2. Thanks for the kind remarks. Yes, I am a big fan of the Dad’s Army television show. I hope you survived the hurricane without too much damage. Maybe you can attend Barrage in 2019. It is 27-28 September.

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