Reaper Nativity Set (Metal)

Chris Palmer

   Happy New Year’s Eve everybody.  It’s been a hectic week here this past week between Christmas Day and today, so, though I got a Bones figure all ready to paint, I never got a chance to work on it.  Instead, I thought I’d show off the Reaper Nativity set I painted for my wife for Christmas, even though it’s metal.  Unfortunately, due to time again, I didn’t get it totally done yet.

    I decided I wanted to set the nativity in the more historical cave setting, than in the traditional wooden stable; so I set about using broken up cork tiles to make the cave.  I used hot glue to stack them on a tree cross-section I got at the local big box craft store.

This is the kind of tile I used to make the cave.
Back view.

     I added a little hidden compartment in the top that I could place a small tea-light in order to illuminate the interior.

Top view.

     I first painted Mary, Joseph, and the Baby.

   And then as time allowed, I painted the Sheep and Shepherd, since they were quick and simple figures.

    And this is how it looked all put together.  There is a Donkey yet, and the three Wise Men, that will be added.  I eventually would like to add an appropriate Angel, and perhaps a Cow as well, though they are not included in the kit.

See you all in 2019!   It’s hard to believe, but the arrival of the Bones 4 Kickstarter could be in less than two months!

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  1. That’s a nice set-up with the cave and figures on the wood. I like the colours you’ve used for the figures as well so will look forward to seeing the finished item this time next year! Have a great New Year!

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