WWII Americans in Greatcoats


I have been painting a bunch of figures in greatcoats lately.  First, they are relatively easy to paint.  Second, they look a little different that other figures on the table.  So I finished two squads of infantry.  The nice this about the Artisan figures is that they come in full squad packs.

One of two squads of infantry I finished. After taking these pictures I put small patches of snow on the bases of one squad and small rocks on the other to distinguish them from the squad I completed some weeks ago. This makes it easier for players to find their squads when the figures get mixed up during a game.

Two bazooka a teams and a machine-gun team from Crusader.

The platoon headquarters with a Konflikt 47 Mudskipper.

For Christmas, a buddy gave me the Konflikt 47 Mudskpper kit from Warlord.  It was fun to assemble and will enable me to run a few “weird war” games.  I’ll bet the Americans wished they had one of these on New Years Even when they were facing the space aliens!

A dwarf with a portable catapult.

When I am painting a batch of like figures, I usually put a handful of random figures on the table at the same time.  Sometimes I just use them as a place to apply leftover paint on the pallets.  This time I had this dwarf and the Lara Croft looking figure on the table, so I finished them at the same time.

Lara Croft, I guess.

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  1. Thanks. I am enjoying painting figures in greatcoats. These Americans still have a lot of equipment hanging off them, so they were no faster than painting figures without greatcoats, but they are different.

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