Sarissa Precision Peel Tower


I started to build this peel tower for my border rievers games.  This was a nice kit.  I did a bunch of the painting before assembly, which was the right answer, but I think I could do a much better job if I was to build a second one.

Sarissa Precision peel tower.

All the doors open with tape hinges.

Another view.

A third view.

Bottom floor.

The next floor.

Third floor (in U.S.) or second floor (in the U.K.)

Top floor

I can’t wait to get this on the table!

from Buck’s Blog
from Tumblr

Author: hawksgameclub

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    1. No, they don’t feel flimsy at all. Except for the pointy roof, you can probably stand on the peel tower. I am a big fan of the products from Sally 4th, Sarissa, and Crescent Root. They are all great products, and they mix well together.

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